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Outside Scholarships

Outside Scholarship Processing

Do you have an outside scholarship?

The Lake Area Tech Foundation Office processes all outside scholarships, please direct all scholarships to the Foundation Office.

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to internal scholarship opportunities offered through Lake Area Tech, there are many outside scholarships* offered to students attending college by local, regional, state, and nationwide businesses and organizations. Our Financial Aid office at Lake Area Tech has compiled a list of scholarship opportunities below that are available to incoming and returning students. Students wishing to apply for one or more of these scholarships will need to apply for each scholarship individually. It takes a fair amount of time to apply, however the payoff can be tremendous!

*Disclaimer: LATC does not endorse any of the businesses, organizations, or scholarships listed below. This information is provided as a service. Please contact the LATC Financial Aid Office for more information.

Bi Scholarship Opportunity

In an effort to nurture healthy communities and a prosperous society, Utopia Management endeavors to support higher education through this bi-annual $1000 scholarship. Utopia has been a strong supporter of higher education since 2010 through multiple scholarships and employee continuing education grants. Awarded every spring and fall, the scholarship is meant to support dedicated students in acquiring a career-oriented degree.

  • FALL Application Deadline: November 1
  • FALL Winner Contacted: December 1
  • FALL Winner Announced on Site: December 5
  • SPRING Applications Open: November 2
  • SPRING Application Deadline: May 1
  • SPRING Scholarship Awarded: June 1

Apply at: https://utopiamanagement.com/utopia-scholars-fund-application

AmericanMuscle’s Student Scholarship Program

Deadline: June 15 for Fall Semester, October 15 for Spring Semester.

Scholarships are restricted to those students pursuing an automotive degree or related field of study. Only students currently enrolled full-time in an American college, Canadian college, automotive engineering program, trade school, technical institute, or high school seniors planning to attend a college or post-secondary institution are eligible to be awarded a scholarship through this program. One scholarship for $2,500 will be awarded twice a year to students pursuing an automotive themed major. One scholarship will be awarded every spring semester, followed by one additional scholarship to be awarded for the Fall semester each year.

Apply at: https://www.americanmuscle.com/scholarships

AmericanTrucks Student Scholarship Program

Deadline: June 15 for Fall Semester, October 15 for Spring Semester.

Currently enrolled full-time in an accredited United States technical institute, 2 or 4 year college or university. With program in construction management, secondary vo-tech school or tuition bearing apprenticeship program in the traditional building trades (e.g. carpentry, HVAC, electrical or related fields of study.) Students pursuing certificate programs, apprenticeship programs, and students currently attending high school and will be attending an accredited school in the next academic year to one of the aforementioned programs are welcome to apply. One scholarship in the amount of $2,500 will be awarded for the Fall semester, and 1 scholarship will be awarded for the Spring semester each year.

Apply here

Indigenous Education, Inc. – Cobell Scholarship

Deadline: Varies

Both merit-based and need-based, the competitive Cobell Scholarship is annual, non-renewable, and available to any post-secondary (after high school) student who is enrolled in full time study and is degree-seeking. Applicants must plan to attend or be attending any nationally, regionally and industry accredited non-profit, public, private institution.

Scholarship awards vary each year | Apply at: cobellscholar.org

Nancy Etz Scholarship

Deadline: February 1, 2022

To support and encourage students pursuing higher education, Nancy Etz awards this annual scholarship to those currently enrolled as full-time undergraduate or graduate students in the U.S.

The Nancy Etz Academic Scholarship was created to recognize an outstanding student and provide them the resources needed to advance in their disciplines and eventually pursue their dream careers.

Apply at: http://nancyetzscholarship.com/

VFW Continuing Ed Scholarship hip

Deadline: February 15, 2022

The VFW is pleased to present scholarships to assist members who wish to further their education by pursuing a college degree or career direction at a vocational/technical school. ONLY the spouse, son and daughter or a member are also eligible to apply.

Apply here

MedicalAssistants.School Scholarship

Deadline: February 28, 2022

MedicalAssistants.School is offering a scholarship worth $500 to eligible students seeking the completion of a medical assisting program. We hope to help offset the costs associated with pursuing your program. In order to apply to our Medical Assistant Scholarship, you must submit a 250-word response to this essay question: “Inspiration can come from anywhere – a teacher, a friend, a positive or negative experience. What inspired your choice to become a medical assistant?”

Check out the full details/rules here: https://www.myscholarship.app/medical-assisting-scholarship/rules

South Dakota Specific Scholarships

There are several scholarships that are specifically for students enrolled in South Dakota post-secondary schools. This is a general overview of each of those scholarships. For more detailed information, including eligibility criteria, please check out the specific scholarship website.

Build Dakota Scholarship

Deadline: March 31

  • Full-ride scholarship covering tuition & fees, books, and other required program requirements
  • For students enrolled in a high-need workforce area program at one of the four technical institutes
  • Enroll in a program determined to be a high-need workforce area
  • Work full-time in South Dakota for a minimum of three years
  • Programs may change – check website for the latest information

More information: https://www.builddakotascholarships.com/

Check out LATC’s Build Dakota Scholarship page: Build Dakota Scholarships

Dakota Corps Scholarship

Deadline: February 1

  • Full tuition and applicable fees at participating South Dakota schools
  • Requirements include minimum GPA and agree to stay in South Dakota and work in critical need area
  • Programs may change – check website for the latest information

Apply at: https://www.sdbor.edu/dakotacorps

Jump Start Scholarship

Deadline: September 1

  • Students who graduate from a South Dakota public high school in 3 years or less
  • No student who enrolls in any part of 4th year of high school is eligible
  • Enroll in an accredited institution located in South Dakota within 1 year of high school graduation.
  • Must be a South Dakota resident
  • Applicable to first year only
  • Dollar amount varies and is based on state’s per student cost to educate

Apply at: https://www.sdbor.edu/

South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship

Deadline: September 1

  • Attend a postsecondary school in South Dakota
  • $1,300 for 3 years and $2,600 for final year
  • Must be a South Dakota resident
  • Eligibility requirements include minimum GPA, minimum ACT scores, curriculum requirements, etc.

Apply at: https://sdos.sdbor.edu/

2021 South Dakota Angus Association Undergraduate Scholarship

Deadline: October 29, 2021

  1. Be currently attending or accepted at a college, university or technical
    institution or a graduating high school senior.
  2. Submit the following application with a post mark date prior to October
    29th, 2021.
  3. Include a colored picture and high school/college transcript.
  4. Must be a current resident of South Dakota.

Apply here

2021 South Dakota Angus Heifer Grant

Deadline: October 29, 2021

You must be an SD Junior Angus member and a South Dakota resident to be eligible for a grant.
If you are not a current member of the SD Junior Angus Association you may join by enclosing your annual
membership fee of $10 made payable to the SD Jr. Angus Association, and include it with this application.

  1. Be a current member of the SD Junior Angus Association and a resident of South Dakota.
  2. (Annual membership fee of $10 may be sent with Grant Application made out to SD Junior Angus
  3. Association)
  4. Age: Must be at least 8 years old on January 1, 2021 and not older than 21 years on January 1, 2021.
  5. Must agree to show the heifer in one of the following upcoming shows; SD Junior Angus Field Day in
  6. June; your local SD county fair; and/or the SD Angus Heifer Futurity Show with the co-signature of
  7. parent or guardian to aid in the exhibit of heifer in these shows.
  8. Must be able to provide an amount at least equal to or greater than the amount of the grant to
  9. purchase a heifer.
  10. Heifer must be purchased from a current member of the South Dakota Angus Association.
  11. Recipient agrees to abide by rules of the American Angus Association, Futurity Show and the 4-H
  12. Code of Ethics.
  13. Non-compliance with the Grant Rules (by recipients) may affect future chances to receive a grant.
  14. A copy of the sale receipt along with a copy of the registration paper with the current owner listed
  15. as the applicant must be provided to the SDAA Treasurer in order to receive grant money. (Heifer will
  16. be ineligible if the current owner is listed as a ranch name or other family member.

Apply here

Free Scholarship Search Engines and Scholarship Search Tips

Additionally, we’ve provided a list of reputable search engines below that may be useful in finding other scholarship opportunities. Please take time to explore the opportunities offered through these search engines. Consider your talents (e.g., academics, athletic, fine arts, etc.) and apply for scholarship in these areas.

Mapping Your Future, a nonprofit organization committed to helping students, families, and schools navigate the higher education and financial aid process, has created a Scholarship Search Tips flier to help you find ways to fund your college education through their free scholarship search tips. It also includes helpful advice on scams.

Scholarship Scam Alert Information

The internet holds a vast amount of information regarding scholarship opportunities. We caution you, however, to use your discretion as not all sites are reputable (i.e., those that ask for a registration fee and/or offer guarantees). Start with our list!