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“I’m IN” Capital Campaign Overview

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South Dakota needs technical college graduates now more than ever before. For every graduate, there are multiple career openings in South Dakota – and employers are curtailing production, turning down contracts, and slowing economic growth due to the lack of skilled workforce. Lake Area Tech needs to produce more graduates, but we simply do not have the space. We need your help getting our story out and helping the campaign become a reality.

Today, Lake Area Tech has the student population projected for 2043 in facilities built to hold far fewer students. Yet, we still cannot meet industry needs. Lake Area Tech must expand its capacity, but must do it without increasing the burden of that expansion on our students. That was the genesis of the “I’m IN” Capital Campaign. We are asking for partners in this major gifts campaign. We’re in. Are you?

“I’m IN” Capital Campaign Video with Former President Mike Cartney

“I’m IN” Capital Campaign

I’m IN” Capital Campaign Viewbook

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