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Dual Credit

Dual credit is a unique opportunity for high school junior and senior students to earn college credits simultaneously for both their high school diploma and college degree. Courses include college-level content and subject matter. Students choosing to participate in dual credit classes at Lake Area Tech will be held to the same expectations, standards, and school calendar as LATC college students.  Dual credit students can gain confidence in college-level classes while saving significant money on tuition. Students are able to choose from a number of on-campus and online classes, including general education and career and technical education courses.

Lake Area Tech Dual Credit Contact:

Lee Quale: Lee.Quale@lakeareatech.edu
Dual Credit Coordinator
Lake Area Technical College
1201 Arrow Avenue
PO Box 730
Watertown, SD 57201
(605) 882-5284 Ext. 220
(800) 657-4344


Dual Credit courses cost $50.84 per credit hour ($152.52 for 3-credit class). Students will also be responsible for any textbooks or course materials in addition to the tuition. Financial Aid and Scholarship funding are not available for dual credit courses.  Students are responsible for the full tuition payment within the first month of school.

Course Offerings

2024 Summer Course Offerings
2024 Fall Course Offerings
2024 Spring Course Offerings (For planning purposes only. These courses may change for the next school year).

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Dual Credit Application

Click here to complete the online Dual Credit Application.
Complete the Dual Credit Approval Form. For step-by-step directions on the dual credit application process, click here.

Information needed in addition to your online application.  Your application will not be processed until the following materials are submitted:

  • The Dual Credit Approval Form must be signed by the student, a parent/guardian, and a school official. Please print and submit via email to Lee.Quale@lakeareatech.edu
  • High School Transcript and ACT/Accuplacer or Smarter Balance test scores if available
  • Registration for any course marked with a T (ENGL101T, MATH114T, PSYC101T, SPCM101T, ECON201/202T, POLS100, SOC100T, etc.) will need verification of qualification based on the SD Board of Regents GPA, class rank or ACT/Accuplacer/Smarter Balance testing requirements. Requirements can be found on www.ourdakotadreams.com. MATH114T must have a 20 MATH ACT, 255 QAS Math Accuplacer or a 3 on the Smarter Balance math portion. ENGL101T must have an 18 English ACT, 263 Writing Accuplacer or 3 on the Smarter Balance English portion. Please provide either an ACT, Accuplacer or smarter balance score if it is not included on your transcript. This information can be emailed to Lee Quale. You will not be registered for courses until these materials are received. Once all information is submitted and your application is processed you will receive an emailed confirmation with your username and password to access your course schedule and additional portal and email information.

Transcript: You will receive a grade for the course on your Lake Area Tech transcript and these grades will count towards your GPA. You can request a transcript from Lake Area Tech https://www.lakeareatech.edu/getting-started/admissions/transcript-request/. An unofficial transcript is available on your student portal.

Transfer Credits: Enrolling in Dual Credit courses while in high school is a great way to jumpstart your college career. However, be aware that not all courses are transferrable to all post-secondary institutions. It is the student’s responsibility to verify course transferability to other postsecondary institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions For Accepted Students

How do I navigate MyPortal? 

Once you have received the registration email with your username and password, you can log into your LATC email and MyPortal.  On the MyPortal home page, you will see the “How Do I” section. This will have specific information that will answer the majority of your questions.

What other resources are available?

  • Your instructor can help answer questions related to the course you are taking.
  • My Portal questions –  882-5284 ext 275 or 344
  • Password reset and Information Technology Department- 882-5284 ext 280
  • If you feel overwhelmed with the demands of coursework, visit with your instructor. If there are still problems, contact Lee Quale 882-5284 ext 220.
  • Free tutoring is offered and can be found on MyPortal and Mindtap.
  • Free counseling is offered.

What if I am struggling with or do not understand what is expected in my course?

Please read and review the syllabus for the course located on MyPortal. This is designed to answer many of your questions and to avoid frustration. This will also give other important information such as instructor contact information, office hours, due dates and other expectations. Assignments will have detailed instructions of what is expected, so please follow this closely. If you are still having issues, please contact the instructor. They are the first point of contact because they know exactly what is expected. They may be in class when you try to contact them so be patient and they will respond to your questions ASAP. If you are still having trouble, feel free to contact Lee Quale at Lee.Quale@lakeareatech.edu or (605) 882-5284 ext. 220. 

What if I have taken too many credits or want to add additional credits?

Adding/Dropping class
You will have 10 days (five days in the summer) into the semester to drop a class with a full refund and not be reported to the Department of Education. If you are enrolled after day 10 (day five in the summer), you are responsible to pay for the course.  It will be difficult to add a course after classes begin, however you may speak with Lee Quale regarding adding or dropping a class. If you would like to drop a course, please communicate with your school official and send an email to Lee with the course that you would like to drop. No form needed.
Please Note:  Per SB 142, Students who receive a ‘W’, ‘WF’ or ‘F’ in a Dual Enrollment course lose eligibility for the SD Dual Enrollment Program. To appeal a Loss of Eligibility please contact Lee Quale.

Is my registration and bill correct?

About a week before classes start, you will be able to see your tuition bill under My Finances.  All you are required to pay is $50.84 per credit (a 3-credit class will cost $152.52).  You have a month to pay this bill.  You will not be able to pay for the class until classes start.  Once you have made payment, your account will reflect a zero balance.

How do I pay for my credits?

Directions will be posted on your portal and you will receive regular email and text reminders.

You may pay with a debit or credit card online from https://my.lakeareatech.edu/ICS/Student/My_Finances.jnz.  You may also call Krystal at 605 882-5284 Ext. 298 for Student Accounts.  If paying by check, please make sure your name is on the check so we know who to apply the credit to.  Make check out to Lake Area Technical College and mail to:

Lake Area Technical College
Attn: Student Accounts
1201 Arrow Avenue
PO Box 730
Watertown, SD  57201

What other information should I know?

Orientation:  Students are encouraged to visit with their instructor prior to class starting. Instructor information can be found on your course schedule from the Student Portal. Feel free to schedule an appointment at any time if you have questions.

Tuition and Fees: The cost is $50.84 per credit hour as approved by the Department of Education. Courses must meet the guidelines of the DOE and the high school agreement. This amount does not include parking or Rec Center fees. Dual Credit students are not allowed to use the Rec Center or park on Lake Area Tech’s campus due to limited space.

Student Handbook: Please ensure you read and understand the Lake Area Tech student handbook.  This can be found on MyPortal or on our website at https://www.lakeareatech.edu/campus/campus-life/student-handbook/.This is your responsibility.

Grades and Attendance: Students are responsible to provide grade and attendance information to the High School. You can find daily grades/attendance on your Portal and final grades on the MY PORTAL site.  Some course may use programs such as Cengage or MyLab books for daily grades.

Attendance: Lake Area Tech has a very strict attendance policy.  You are allowed 6 hours absence in a 3 credit class. Online students must participate regularly and complete assignments by established deadlines or risk being dropped. Students who are involved in certain extra-curricular activities and must be gone during school time are discouraged from enrolling on campus.

Textbooks: Books may be purchased through the Lake Area Tech Stax Bookstore and are a separate charge. The necessary textbook information can be found on your student portal once you are registered about a month prior to the start of the semester. Books can also be ordered online through the bookstore or through the Lake Area Tech website. Contact Stax Bookstore at 882-5284 Ext. 242, 269, or 336. All textbook prices, costs per course and course times are subject to change.

Withdraw Pass (WP): You will have until Midterm of the semester to drop a class with a Withdraw Passing grade.  This does not affect your GPA but you will still be responsible to pay for the course. You must contact Lee Quale and your high school to drop a course. Your high school and DOE will be notified.  Withdrawal from a course will affect your ability to take future dual credit classes based on legislation.

Withdraw Fail (WF):  After midterm, if you drop a class, you will receive a WF.  This will affect your GPA the same as an F and will be recorded as a 0 on the 4.0 GPA. You must contact Lee Quale to drop a course. Your high school and DOE will be notified. Withdrawal from a course will affect your ability to take future dual credit classes based on legislation.

Calendar: Students will be required to follow the Lake Area Tech calendar.  Class start times may be different from your high school and you will want to visit with the instructors regularly to keep up with assignments and testing if you are not able to attend.  Vacation days and snow days may also be different but you will be required to follow the Lake Area Tech calendar. The calendar is posted on your portal and lakeareatech.edu

Conduct: You will be expected to conduct yourself according to the high standards set by Lake Area Tech.  Violations may result in being dropped from Lake Area Tech.

Frequently Asked Questions For Parents of Dual Credit Students

Will my son or daughter be guaranteed entrance next year to Lake Area Tech if they are a dual credit student?

No. Students must complete and submit an application and be accepted to Lake Area Tech. Applications are accepted beginning September 1, for the following year (some programs have specific deadlines that supersede). Students must meet Lake Area Tech’s admission standards and are not guaranteed acceptance.

Do I have access to my son or daughter’s academic records?

No. Your student can use their login information to share with you, but there is not a parent portal as students are considered college students. Lake Area Tech complies with all FERPA guidelines and all non-directory information cannot be shared unless the student grants permission. Please see the FERPA permission sheet to obtain permission.

Can I contact my child’s instructor regarding course content assignments and/or grading policies?

No. Instructors follow the Federal FERPA privacy guidelines when communicating with anyone other than the student. We want each student to become independent and prefer the communication occur between the student and instructor. Dual credit students follow the same standards as Lake Area Tech students.

Can I request a grade report?

No. Parents cannot request a grade report, but the student can view and print their unofficial transcript from the Student Portal. Students can request an official transcript from the Registrar’s Office. Final semester grades will be provided to the high school of record at the end of the semester.

What route should I take if I am trying to assist my son or daughter with their Lake Area Tech homework?

Students should ask their instructors for any assistance or help with concerns. Taking college courses for the first time can be filled with anxiety. Please encourage your child to communicate with the instructor and to remain patient. If your child is still having concerns, Lake Area Tech provides free tutors, free counseling and other services to help your child be successful. You can find more information about those services on our Educational Services page or our Counseling Services page.