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LATC Physical Therapist Assistant Info for Clinical Instructors and Center Coordinators

Welcome! This page is designed to provide our affiliating clinical educators with easy access to links, info and forms (see below). Clinical education is essential to the Lake Area Tech PTA program, allowing students the exciting chance to develop their knowledge and skills in real clinical settings. We are grateful to all clinical affiliates who make this possible!

The Lake Area Tech PTA program educates students to practice as “generalists”. Clinical education consists of three separate internships. Clinical sites are intentionally chosen to enhance a student’s patient, professional and interpersonal skills in different settings and with diverse patient populations.

Clinical instructors and center coordinators – if you are unable to find what you need from the resources below, please contact us. Also, take note of our new CI/CCCE Instructor program!

Certificate for PTA Scope of Work & Supervision Requirements

Clinical Instructors Privileges and Awards Program

Clinical Education Early Warning System (EWS)

Clinical Education Program Mission Statement

Clinical Education Request and Placement Schedule

Clinical Education Handbook

Clinical Education Internships Expectation – Quick Reference

Clinical Experience Time Sheet

PTA Skills Checklist

Student PTA Evaluation of Clinical Site

PTA Direction and Supervision Algorithms

Problem Solving Algorithm Utilized by PTAs in Patient/Client Intervention

Physical Therapist Assistant Student Clinical Evaluation

Course Syllabi

Clinical Affiliation I PTA 241

Clinical Affiliation II PTA 245

Clinical Affiliation III PTA 250

Clinical Instructors Resources for Teaching

Strategies for Facilitating Learning

Strategies for Sharing Expectations

Time Management Barriers & Strategies

Writing Behavioral Objectives

Sample Student Objectives

Developing an Action Plan

Action Plan Form

Levels of Supervision – Definitions

Mentoring Professionalism in Academic and Clinical Education

Ethical and Legal Considerations for Clinical Education

Supervision of Student Physical Therapist Assistants

Supervision and Medicare

Supervision of Students under Medicare (Chart)

Implementing MDS 3.0: Use of Therapy Students

Use of students under Medicare Part B

Other Important Links

Quick Start Guide for the APTA Learning Center

Quick Start Guide for the CPI Web Training Modules and Assessment

CI Log-on Page for the PTA CPI Online

PTA CPI Training Site

APTA Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF) Template

APTA Guidelines & Assessments for Clinical Education

APTA Guidelines for Clinical Education Sites

APTA Guidelines for Clinical Instructors

APTA Clinical Instructor Education and Credentialing Program (Basic)

Value-based Behaviors for the PTA

Value-based Behaviors Self Assessment

PTA Scope of Work & Supervision Requirements

South Dakota PTA Scope of Work & Supervision Requirements