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I’m Accepted! Now What?

The acceptance letter has arrived!

Congratulations! The excitement and anticipation of starting a new adventure in your life seems to be all you can think of right now. You also know your life is going to be a lot different once you start college at Lake Area Tech. New concerns are starting to creep into that perfect picture of ‘college life.’ “Am I going to fit in? Where will I live? Are my classes going to be too hard? What is there to do?”

Don’t worry. Such concerns are universal among students who are entering college for the first time. So, it’s easy to understand why you have many unanswered questions. Maybe we can help ease your mind and answer some of the most frequently asked questions of newly accepted Lake Area Tech students. Read on!

Will I have the study habits and self-discipline to succeed?

We think you’ll have what it takes. Learning here at Lake Area Tech will be a lot different than what you are used to – the atmosphere in college is preparing you for the rest of your life. You’ll take things more seriously with this in mind.

The learning climate will be different, also. In a college setting, you need to develop a study system. Schedule regular hours, give yourself adequate study time, and find a quiet place to study. You may also want to brush up on your study skills. (We offer study skills advice and tutoring)! 

Will I have a workload I can handle?

Everyone at Lake Area Tech wants you to succeed! Although your pace of life will probably change, the instructors will try to make that transition as smooth as possible. Yes, there will be some homework, but… if you know how to efficiently utilize your time during the day, your workload will be a lot easier to handle. 

Will the faculty be friendly and helpful?

Of course! They’re no different than your high school teachers. They are here to help you succeed… and if you succeed, they succeed! See their friendly faces on our Faculty and Staff webpage. Classes are also small, so you won’t feel like ‘just a name.’ Instructors are always there to help you, but only if they know you need help. So, take action when you need to and talk to your instructor if there’s something you don’t understand. 

Will I fit in with others on campus?

No doubt, at first, you may feel a little awkward, but this will pass as you become more involved in campus activities and make new friends. Just remember, most students feel just like you do and they are looking forward to meeting new friends, too!

Will I have time to enjoy social activities?

Yes! Going to Lake Area Tech is much more than just classroom learning. You deserve to give your mind a break every now and then! So, develop a social life that you can handle – but always keep it in balance with your academic life. Lake Area Tech has a lot to offer everyone! Our Student Activities and Organizations webpage has all of the details, or stop by Stax bookstore where our student activities are headquartered. 

Where am I going to live?

Indeed an important concern! Many students want to live close to campus, however, Lake Area Tech does not have student housing. With this in mind, you may want to look for housing options early. Lake Area Tech has local housing information posted on our website that will make this whole process a lot more convenient. 

Will my values be threatened in the college environment or by peer pressure?

Only if YOU allow it! Your values may be tested at times, but just be yourself. You will eventually find those who have the same interests, goals, and values as you do. 

Will I be ‘connected’ to Lake Area Technical College?

Absolutely! However, YOU will need to take the initiative! To get connected and stay connected, you will need to set up your email and portal as soon as possible. This is how we will communicate with you about virtually everything! You can access your email account through our website at www.lakeareatech.edu. (Select the LATC email icon ‘LATC Email’ at the top of the page). You may also access your email through MyPortal. 

To access ‘MyPortal’ you will use the same username and password that is used for email. Go to www.lakeareatech.edu and click on the MyPortal icon (which looks like a globe) at the top of the page. To change your password, click on your photo in the upper right, from the drop down select ‘Settings,’ then select ‘Change Password’ to create a new password. Choose a password that you can remember. It might be a bit overwhelming, but once you figure it out, the doors of ‘connectedness’ will open!

Will I be able to handle my budget and finances?

It is important to plan ahead as there will be many expenses besides tuition and books like rent, food, social activities, gas, etc. To get a better idea of what your budget needs to look like, go to our website and check out the Financial Aid page and learn more about what types of financial aid are available. Estimated tuition and costs are posted on each of the program pages, as well. Don’t forget to apply for financial aid and scholarships!

Will I have time for a part-time job?

That depends on you. You will need to schedule your day accordingly and set a pace that is best for you. Many students work part-time, and a few even work full-time (75% of our students had jobs last year). We suggest you wait a while before looking for employment so you can determine whether or not you could handle the additional load of working while going to school. Our Department of Labor campus representative is located in the Net should you choose to explore job options. Whatever you decide, place your education first. 

Will I be homesick?

This commonly occurs only in the first couple of weeks and it generally passes quickly. First, we suggest staying active to keep your mind off of feeling homesick. Second, keep in touch with your family and friends back home. And last, if you feel it is too hard to deal with, seek help! Lake Area Tech has trained counselors that have a lot of experience dealing with homesickness. The counselors are located in the Net or check out our Counseling page on our website. 

Will I eat meals on campus?

Yes, if you wish! Our cafeteria, Market 65, serves a variety of home-cooked meals and snacks from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. There are no required meal plans – just cash and carry. Some students elect to bring their own food and warm it up in the microwaves provided in Market 65. 

Will I be welcomed?

MOST DEFINITELY! We welcome each and every student and we want you to feel like you belong the moment you arrive on campus. Lake Area Tech is excited that you have chosen to receive your career training here! 

How did we do?

If you still have questions that you’d like answered, please reach out! Our admissions representatives offer a live Chat Box right here on the website. Click the Chat Box in the lower right corner of this page to message live with one of our reps. If they’re offline, feel free to leave a message and they’ll get back to you. You are also welcome to call us at 1-800-657-4344.