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Workforce Scholarships

Lake Area Technical College Workforce Scholarships are a win-win for both students and partnering companies. With a Workforce Scholarship, a student is eligible to ‘partner’ with a sponsoring company. The partnering company will pay all or part of the student’s tuition and fees (to be determined in advance). In exchange, the student will commit to work for the company after graduation, for a predetermined length of time.

The company has the opportunity to be involved throughout the admissions and selection process, assuring the selected student is a good fit for the organization. It may also provide a paid internship for the student, which will allow the company time to assess the student’s abilities throughout the program.

All programs at Lake Area Tech are eligible for Workforce Scholarships and all companies, in-state and out-of-state, are eligible to participate. Students may work outside of South Dakota. The Workforce Scholarships program is separate from the Build Dakota Scholarship program. Company contributions will be processed by the Lake Area Technical College Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit entity.

Students who participate in the Workforce Scholarships program will:

  • Meet the program requirements to enroll and attend Lake Area Tech
  • Submit to a background check and a drug screening, if required by the company
  • Maintain a GPA of a least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Meet Lake Area Tech’s class attendance requirements
  • Complete a paid internship, if required by the company
  • Sign an agreement to remain employed with the business after graduation for the predetermined number of years
  • Have all funds received forgiven if the terms of the contract are fulfilled
  • Be obligated to reimburse the company for funds received upon default of the agreement

Companies that participate in the Workforce Scholarships program may:

  • Assist in recruiting and screening potential candidates
  • Provide tours of the company for interested students
  • Interview prospective students
  • Offer full-time employment with competitive wages once the student graduates from Lake Area Technical College
  • If a company decides to participate, it will provide a workforce scholarship (which can cover tuition/fees).
  • The Workforce Scholarship being offered, and the subsequent workforce commitment, will be outlined in the education/employment agreement that will be signed by the company and the student.

The Lake Area Technical College Foundation will:

  • Administer the program including maintaining all documentation in the student’s file
  • Provide grade reports to the employer (with a signed student release form as per FERPA regulations)
  • Facilitate interviews, tours, and applications
  • Invoice the company each semester for tuition/fees payable to LATC
  • Process the tuition/fees payments through the student’s account within the Lake Area Tech Financial Aid office
  • In the case of a student default, notify both the company and the student that s/he is in default and provide repayment instructions to the student
  • Should the student fail to meet the repayment agreement, it would be the responsibility of the participating company to initiate a collection process.

More Information

Companies interested in establishing a Workforce Scholarship or learning more about Workforce Scholarships, may email the Foundation at foundation@lakeareatech.edu or call:

Foundation Administrative Assistant
1-605-882-5284  Ext. 201
Jessi Eidson, Foundation Development Officer
1-605-882-5284  Ext. 308
Tracy (Hlavacek) Buisker, Foundation Director
1-605-882-5284  Ext. 268
Melissa Waldner, Business Partner Specialist
1-605-882-5284 Ext. 263