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Lake Area Tech New Parking Permit Information

General Information for Students

Because of the two major construction projects on campus, much of our parking space is moving to new parking lots on our perimeter.  Construction zones may also keep you from taking the shortest route from parking to your building. For this inconvenience, Lake Area Tech will be waiving the parking permit fee and only charging a $10 service fee for all parking permits. This new procedure will be in effect until construction of the Diesel addition and Archway Complex is complete.

Students must have an official parking permit to park anywhere on Lake Area Tech’s campus. If you do not have a permit visible in your vehicle, you will be ticketed and fined $50.  Please see the campus map below to locate available parking during construction. If you choose to park off-campus, please do not park in front of the neighboring residents’ mailboxes. There will be a fine from the city.  As a reminder, parking overnight will not be allowed at any time.

Please consider utilizing the north parking lot as much as possible as it is a short walk to access the interior buildings. In addition, the new parking lot south of the Diesel building and the new parking lot in the former Educare space are now both open. Parking permits are required. If you live near campus, please consider walking to classes to free up parking spots for those who drive a distance. Carpooling is highly encouraged. The new parking permits are available now through MyPortal.

Thank you for being tolerant during the construction phase as we continue to develop and grow an epic Lake Area Technical College.

Update your information with Student Services if you change vehicle or license plates.

For your property protection, most parking areas are monitored by cameras.

Online Students

Please obtain a temporary parking pass when required to be on campus. Contact your program faculty or inquire in the Main Office located in the Student Center.


Students who withdraw from school within ten (10) days of starting may request a refund. The parking permit must be surrendered and a refund form must be completed within the first ten days of the start of school. Refund forms are available in Student Services.

Construction Parking Map