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Lake Area Tech Parking Requirements

Permit and parking requirements will be strictly enforced.

Students that wish to park a vehicle in a Lake Area Tech parking lot between 7 am and 2 pm must display an official parking permit. It is the student’s responsibility that the tag to be visible either on the rear view mirror or on the driver’s side dash due to heavy tinting or other hanging objects. Failure to properly display a permit constitutes a parking violation.

Cost for parking permits for the 2021-2022 school year is $75. Permits allow students to park in designated ‘Student Parking’ areas only.

Aviation students are not required to purchase a parking permit to park in the Aviation Annex parking lot.

Online students are not required to purchase a parking permit unless they plan to use the campus, such as the library, during patrolled hours. Online students required to be on campus by an instructor to attend class will be given a temporary student parking permit for the date and time required.

Lost or stolen permits should be reported to the Student Services office. Replacement parking permits for lost or misplaced permits are $75.

Students that have forgotten their permits and wish to park in a Lake Area Tech parking lot need to purchase a temporary parking permit from Student Services. Cost is $1 per day for a maximum of 3 days. Only students that have purchased an official parking permit are eligible for temporary permits twice in any semester.

Update your information with Student Services if you change vehicle or license plates.

Any Lake Area Tech student who attempts to obtain or loan a parking permit to a non-Lake Area Tech student will lose all parking privileges on the Lake Area Tech campus.

Overnight parking is prohibited. Vehicles parked in Lake Area Tech parking lots during snow removal or abandoned may be towed at the owner’s expense.

For your property protection, most parking areas are monitored by cameras.

Parking Violations

Student vehicles parked incorrectly or without a visible permit in a Lake Area Tech parking lot will be issued a Lake Area Tech parking violation and may be towed from the campus at the owner’s expense. Students wishing to appeal a parking violation must do so in person within two weeks of the violation issue date in Student Services. At that time, a photo of the vehicle in violation will be reviewed with the student to determine the outcome of the appeal.

Parking violations are $50 each and payable in Student Services. Handicapped parking violations will result in a $100 fine.

Students with unpaid parking violations may be unable to login to My Portal until the violation has been satisfied. Financial Aid monies may also be impacted by unpaid violations. It is recommended that students pay parking violations within 3 days of issue to avoid this from occurring.

All fines must be paid before any grades, diploma or transcripts will be issued.

Anyone using a lost or stolen parking permit is subject to a $100 fine and other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate.

Through an agreement with local law enforcement, license plate numbers will be traced for unidentified vehicle owners with a Lake Area Tech parking ticket.

Parking violations may be subject to a municipal ticket in which fines will be paid to the City of Watertown.


Students that withdraw from school within ten (10) days of starting may request a refund. The parking permit must be surrendered and a refund form must be completed within the first ten days of the start of school. Refund forms are available in Student Services.