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Environmental Technology

Always wanted to make a difference? Environmental technicians work to protect natural resources and monitor the chemicals and fuels entering the environment. As a graduate, you will analyze and test the quality of water, soil, air, and fuel.

Expect active, real-world training. Our students have access to the latest and most effective testing and monitoring technology available. Proper sampling and record-keeping procedures are also taught through hands-on lessons, experiments and projects that take place both in and out of the classroom.

An Environmental Technology Graduate could:

  • Perform field and lab work for local, state, and federal governments dealing with water, soil and indoor and outdoor air quality
  • Perform tests on soil and water quality for agriculture and other research firms
  • Attain a cutting-edge job with alternative fuel plants like ethanol plants, testing the plant’s product to ensure all stages of production are working properly
  • Transfer into an environmental management program at a 4-year institution

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