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Med/Fire Rescue Uniforms

The Med/Fire Rescue program requires students to purchase clothing to reflect the safety and professionalism standards of the industry. The required clothing cost is approximately $350 as outlined in the Student Cost Sheet and the clothing must be purchased within the first week of the first semester. Students are required to purchase the following items:

  • Pants: Three pairs minimum
  • Belt: One minimum
  • T-shirts: Three minimum
  • High quality black boots
  • Clinical White Polo Shirts (embroidered or badges required): Minimum of two

Lake Area Tech partnered with Trav’s Outfitters for student pricing. For more information on the requirements of each item should you choose to purchase the clothing elsewhere, please contact the Med/Fire Rescue Department Supervisor.

To reduce student costs, the program will provide two embroidered uniform tops to be used by students each year.