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Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is the ability to live a healthy financial life. Just like our physical, emotional, and mental health, we need to make sure our financial health is in check as well. There is a wealth of information available regarding financial wellness. On this page, we are sharing information you may find interesting and helpful in your pursuit of financial wellness.

Check out the 12-Step Guide to Financial Success from Mapping Your Future. While it is a bit of a longer read, you can scroll through it to find information on a specific topic in which you are interested. Steps include:

  • Be Accountable and Responsible
  • Plot Your Course
  • Understand Your Income
  • Open a Checking Account
  • Start Saving and Investing
  • Create a Budget
  • Borrow Smart
  • Manage Your Credit Cards Wisely
  • Review & Understand Credit Reports
  • Protect From Identity Theft
  • Understand Tax Liability
  • Know When to Ask for Help


Now days, you can find a calculator for almost anything and everything! We’ve posted links below from Mapping Your Future for calculators that help with a variety of topics from bank balancing to budgeting to savings and student loan repayment. We encourage you to spend a few minutes on one or more of the calculators below to see how easy it is to begin your path to financial wellness.

Identity Theft and Online Privacy & Security

Identity theft is one of the top consumer crimes. With technology, identity thieves are becoming savvier in how they try to get personal information. The Federal Trade Commission has a wealth of information on this topic here: https://consumer.ftc.gov/features/identity-theft. The videos below are a great first step in protecting your identity!

Other Helpful Information

There’s an abundance of information from reputable organizations offering solid advice about protecting you from online predators. Has your phone ever been hacked? Have you used a public wi-fi? Been hacked on social media? Check out the links below from the FTC to learn what to do. For even more informative topics, click here.