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Is Online Learning for You?

Do you have what it takes to be an online learner? Online learning is very different than traditional on-campus classes. Even though the material is the same, it is presented to you in a different format. The way you will interact with other students and your instructor is also different. Some students may even say they learn more in an online class. You may find the overall learning experience will be more rewarding.

However, online classes are not for everyone. Before you consider enrolling in an online course, consider your learning style. Will it be compatible with online learning and lead you to success? Let’s look at some common characteristics of online learners.

Successful Online Students:

  • Have the drive and commitment to complete assignments and other tasks that may be required in an online class.
  • Have dedicated time to commit to online coursework and studying.
  • Can communicate effectively via the computer.
  • Are comfortable using a computer and computer programs.
  • Have computers that meet the minimum requirements for the course.
  • Have a place free from distractions to complete homework assignments.
  • Can send and receive emails.
  • Can identify the following file type extensions: .doc, .txt, .jpg.
  • Will use a browser to find information on the Internet.
  • Have daily access to the Internet.
  • Are able to communicate with classmates and instructors if they don’t understand the material.
  • Are organized and have excellent time-management skills.