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PTA Mission & Goals

Physical Therapist Assistant Program Mission: The Physical Therapist Assistant program will provide students with a comprehensive education leading to an associate of applied science degree, including the training, knowledge, skills and professional attitudes necessary to prepare the students to be competent and integral members of a health-care delivery team.

Institutional and PTA Program Quality Standards and Goals

  1. Character:  Students will demonstrate personal and social responsibility including setting reasonable and realistic personal and professional goals, time management skills, professionalism and community service.
    Program Goals:
    1. Provide a curriculum that emphasizes safe, legal and ethical practices.
    2. Encourage altruism, compassion, cultural competence and social responsibility by providing opportunities for student learning and growth in these areas.
    3. Emphasize the importance of ethical considerations in the practice of physical therapy and make the students cognizant of the value of professional organizations, as well as the need for continuing education.
  2. Interaction:  Students will demonstrate clear and accurate communications skills including listening, speaking and writing.
    Program Goals:
    1. Provide a curriculum that promotes effective communication in all the roles of a physical therapist assistant including documentation and professional writing, interrelationship skills, verbal and non-verbal communication.
  3.  Reputation/Competency:  Students will demonstrate technical competence, learning to learn, information literacy, and problem solving/critical thinking.
    Program Goals:
    1. Provide a competency-based curriculum which will prepare students to perform the professional duties of a physical therapist assistant.
    2. Ensure that the students understand the role and scope of the physical therapist assistant within the physical therapy profession and the health-care delivery system.

Graduate Outcomes Measures

  1. Graduates will provide safe physical therapy interventions to progress a patient through their plan of care.
  2. Graduates will maintain CPR competency and respond appropriately to emergency situations.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate good patient management skills, such as time management, accurate billing, appropriate supervision of support personnel, etc.
  4. Graduates will comply with the Standards of Ethical Conduct for the Physical Therapist Assistant.
  5. Graduates will participate in learning activities that improve their abilities as a physical therapist assistant and enhance their role in the profession.
  6. Graduates will promote health, wellness and prevention to their patients and their community.
  7. Graduates will effectively communicate with their supervising physical therapist, patients, caregivers, healthcare workers and the public.
  8. Graduates will complete accurate and timely documentation supporting physical therapy services.
  9. Graduates will provide healthcare education to colleagues, students, and the community.
  10. Graduates will be competent in reviewing physical therapy documents and medical records recognizing the rationale for selected interventions and the PTA’s role in application of the plan of care.
  11. Graduates will competently apply interventions as directed in the plan of care, including progression or identifying when modifications are necessary.
  12. Graduates will perform accurate data collection.
  13. Graduates will provide effective instruction to patients and others to achieve the goals and outcomes as described in the plan of care.
  14. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to read and understand healthcare literature.
  15. Graduates cohorts will be at 60% or higher graduation.
  16. Graduate cohorts will pass the NPTE at 85 % or higher (2 year cohort).
  17. Graduate cohorts will be employed at 90% or higher.