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Welcome Online Student!

Congratulations! You are now an online student at Lake Area Tech! Now what?

This section will help you determine your next steps and become more familiar with the support systems we have in place for online students. Remember, if at any time during this process you have a question that is not answered in this section, contact an admissions representative.  They will be glad to help you.

Soon you will receive a welcome letter from Lake Area Tech that will provide some general information as well as information regarding login procedures. You’ll then be able to access your email account. Please check it daily when you receive the login information.

Follow this checklist to ensure your success!

  1. Complete admission process. It is essential that you ensure we have your correct mailing address.
  2. Look for a welcome letter mailed to your home address from Lake Area Tech containing login information as well as sent via email to you.
  3. Begin checking Lake Area Tech email daily.
  4. Login to My Portal (instructions included in welcome letter) to verify class schedule one week before classes start.
  5. Look for a welcome letter from your department. This may be sent via post office mail or email.
  6. Pay tuition and fees.
  7. Buy books (book list available from My Portal and Lake Area Tech bookstore).
  8. Complete online student orientation as required by the program. This may require an on-campus visit.
  9. Complete Online Learner Essentials course.
  10. Begin classes and communicate with each instructor frequently.