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Student Housing

All Lake Area Tech students live off-campus. We do not own or provide any housing for students. However, student housing information provided by local landlords is posted on this website as a service to students. These listings have not been screened, visited, or approved in any way by this institution. It is your responsibility to inspect the unit and talk to the landlord to make sure the conditions meet your standards.

Student housing varies and includes apartments, mobile homes, houses, and sleeping rooms in private homes. It is recommended that you arrange appointments with landlords before coming to Watertown as many are difficult to contact during the day. Most landlords request a deposit to hold a rental.

Some Lake Area Tech programs require internships/fieldwork which may shorten your stay on campus. Keep this in mind when signing a lease.

Roommate information is also available on this website. Students that need a roommate can check the website for other students in need of a roommate, or can complete the ‘Listing for Roommate Form’ to have their information available for others to review.

If you plan to begin classes in the fall semester, it is recommended that you begin your search by May or June unless you are interested in low-income apartments. These apartments can fill quickly so check into them earlier.