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Tips for Success

You can be a successful online learner! As you know, learning online is different than learning on-campus, but that isn’t a bad thing. Many of our online graduates will tell you that earning a degree online was the best option for them. It worked into their family life and work schedules. It can be successful for you, too.

The following are tips that successful online learners have incorporated into their online study routines. They worked for them and they can work for you, too!

  1. Connect: As soon as you receive your instructor’s contact information, connect with them! Shoot them an email and introduce yourself. Ask questions, be proactive. Even though you’ll only have minimal face-to-face time, being connected online will give you both a chance to become familiar with each other. The same goes for other students taking the online course. If the situation presents itself, connect with them as well. Having another student to interact with or bounce ideas off will be beneficial for both of you.
  2. Check Technical Requirements: As soon as you receive instructions on how to access your program information and utilize software, be sure to take time to do just that. Walk yourself through those steps to ensure your computer is compatible with the program requirements. This will help ease your mind when your first assignment is ready. Some LATC programs require you to purchase a laptop through the LATC Bookstore in order to have the proper software installed.
  3. Dedicate Time and Space: In order to be productive during your study time, it is essential to dedicate time and space. Set aside time in your schedule to study. You might find getting up an hour early is the best time for you to study, or maybe you are a night owl and an evening study schedule works best. No matter when it is, our most successful online learners say dedicated time is important. Just as important is space. No one studies well in a poorly lit room or a noisy TV room. Find a quiet, well-lit room in your home in which to study. If not possible, check out the study areas at your local library. Again, dedicating study space is essential to successful learning.
  4. Be Organized: Our most successful online learners will tell you being organized is a must. As soon as you have your course syllabus, record all assignments and deadlines using an online calendar, smart phone, or even a hard copy calendar. Program your online calendar and smart phones settings so you will get text or audio reminders and make a habit of checking them daily. Why tax your brain to remember those things when technology can help you out with that? Being organized also means being prepared to deal with conflicts. Many online learners juggle family and work obligations, so plan ahead for those and organize your time accordingly. Do not wait until the last minute to deal with conflict.
  5. Ask For Help: This might be the most important tip for an online learner. Online learning does not have to mean learning in isolation. When you get stuck or off track, ask for help. Your instructor is there for you. Feel free to contact your instructor if you have questions. In your welcome letter, you will also be given contact information for our Help Desk and IT staff to assist with computer issues.