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Articulation Agreements

Program to Program Articulation Agreement General Information

Lake Area Technical College has various program-to-program articulation agreements with the South Dakota public universities and private and out-of-state universities for Lake Area Technical College graduates earning an Associate of Applied Science degree. In many programs, technical credits earned in that area will transfer if the student chooses to enroll at a university and obtain a bachelor’s degree. Articulation agreements vary from program to program. Please visit our program pages to learn more. Programs with articulation agreements have links to the agreement(s) on that respective page.

Select general education credits may also transfer for credit. Details are outlined in each of the articulation agreements.

The Frequently Asked Questions include many common questions and answers regarding articulation. Subjects covered in the FAQ information include procedures, policies, and reverse articulation information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to common questions and answers regarding the Articulation Agreements between Lake Area Technical College and bachelor’s degree programs.