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Dental Assisting – Certified E-Degree

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About Dental Assisting:

Dental assistants are essential members of the dental health care team. As a dental assistant, you’ll be the dentist’s “extra hands”. You will assist him/her by performing a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • assisting general and specialty dentists during procedures
  • recording patient medical histories and taking vital signs
  • taking x-rays
  • administering nitrous oxide/oxygen to patients
  • polishing teeth
  • fabricating casts for dental procedures
  • preparing and sterilizing instruments and equipment for the dentist’s use
  • performing office management tasks

Dental offices are friendly, interesting places to work. As a dental assistant, you will work closely with patients and co-workers to provide the latest and best in dental care.

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Please contact admissions or dental faculty for more information.

Students in programs which customarily lead to professional licensure will receive written notification from their program of study indicating whether or not this program or course meets requirements for licensure in the state in which the student resides.

How does an E-Degree work?

The same accredited courses that traditional Dental Assisting students take are now offered online. To get your degree, you’ll complete a combination of online courses and on-campus lab requirements (approximately 12 days per semester). You will also complete 300 hours of clinical experience in a dental office approved by the Lake Area Tech dental department. Note: There will not be enough clinical spots in Watertown for everyone – please be prepared for out-of-town clinical experience.

Why E-Degree?

Lake Area Tech E-Degrees are “hybrid” – an innovative blend of distance and on-campus learning. With hybrid education, you get maximum time/location flexibility and crucial hands-on experience.

How long will this E-Degree take?

The Dental Assisting E-Degree is designed for part-time students (see course outline). You could graduate with a diploma in about five semesters, or an Associate of Applied Science degree in about seven semesters.

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