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Leadership & Personal Development Training

Whether you’re an individual seeking personal development or a manager (or manager trainee) seeking leadership development, Lake Area Tech’s Corporate Ed division offers a host of Leadership & Personal Development training classes designed to help you be the best leader possible. We offer a number of classes in each of the following areas: Communication, Leadership & Management, Project Management, and Personal Development. These offerings are customized to your needs and can be held on the Lake Area Tech campus, or at your business, on the time and day that fits your schedule. Please give our office a call if you’d like more information on any of these classes or if you’re ready to schedule.


  • Advanced Principles of Communication
  • Advanced Principles of Sales Communication
  • Coaching Communication
  • Communication 101
  • Conflict Management Training
  • Giving and Receiving
  • International Business: Intercultural Communication
  • Managing Critical Conversations
  • Sales 101

Leadership & Management

  • Coaching Employees
  • Leadership & Management 101
  • Leading in Critical Situations
  • Leading Teams: Managing Group Dynamics & Processes
  • Organizational Development
  • Process Management
  • Problem Solving with Critical Thinking
  • Strategic Management for a Successful Business
  • Team Development
    ° Improving Collaboration & Communication
    ° Leaders Managing Team Processes

Personal Development

  • 100 First Days in a New Job
  • Career Planning for Young Professionals
  • Goal Setting & Goal Accomplishment
  • Learning Learning: New Employee Training
  • Self-Management & Time Management

Project Management

  • Advanced Principles of Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Managing Successful Projects
  • Project Management 101

Other Topics

  • Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Work
  • Safe Travel in Domestic and International Settings

Lake Area Tech Corporate Education

Terri Cordrey, Director of Corporate Education 
Shane Swenson, Director of Outreach
605-882-5284 ext. 320