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Transport Driver

Posted on: April 6, 2021
Transport Driver


Helping farmers of today create the farms of tomorrow

Objective: Deliver quality animals in a safe environment that meets expectations of our shareholders and producers. Provide a favorable environment for the livestock being transported with our company.



Complete a pre-trip check to ensure safety of the vehicle
Review physical addition of decking in trucks to ensure a safe environment for the animals being transported
Provide a comfortable environment for livestock, apply adequate bedding while in transport
Safe operation of pick-up with trailer or semi with trailer
Follow all industry standards, while loading and unloading livestock
Comply with Pipestone’s biosecurity procedures to ensure a health pig upon delivery
Compile with DOT standards for log books and adequate logs for billing purposes
Adjust ventilation as needed to allow maximum comfort for the livestock


Adhere to all drying procedures set forth by the biosecurity team
Wash each vehicle entirely after each use to ensure zero disease transfer
Some over night travel required in order to comply with DOT standards

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