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Graphic Design & Digital Communications Specialist Hybrid E-Degree

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Be a creator

Do you have a flair for creativity? Do you think of yourself as ‘techy’? Then our Graphic Design and Digital Communications Specialist hybrid e-degree option just might be for you. As a student, you’ll learn the skills needed to work in a fast-paced, creative environment. Graphic Design and Digital Communications Specialist students will work with illustration, image manipulation and compositing, video, animation, and other editing programs that give them an edge in the world of web development, graphic design, and multimedia production. Graphic Design and Digital Communications Specialist students also spend a significant amount of time learning traditional art principles and photography tools and techniques that can be integrated into future design projects

What can I expect?

Businesses everywhere need media creators to develop the most up-to-date graphics, product and service promotions, social media marketing material and communication creations. At Lake Area Tech, expect a solid foundation in graphics, multimedia production, animation, visual FX, web development and database design, networking, hardware and more to prepare you for your dream career.  During this program, you will spend around 80% of your time working on projects and you’ll also gain real-world experience during your 240-hour internship. Job opportunities are waiting for you in design studios, advertising and marketing agencies, newspapers, magazine and book publishers, and even interactive media and web design firms. Let us help you get there!

How does a hybrid e-degree work?

As a Graphic Design and Digital Communications Specialist hybrid e-degree student, you’ll take online courses through Lake Area Tech’s eLearning system. Most of your time learning will be done at home but you’ll come to campus occasionally (some evenings and Saturdays) to complete lab and project work and when you do, you’ll be learning in our remodeled Computer Information Systems area!

Why an E-Degree?

Lake Area Tech e-degrees are “hybrid” – an innovative blend of distance and on-campus learning. What’s great about that is you can keep your day job (work, raise kids) and still get a degree. With hybrid education, you get maximum flexibility to study when and where you want, but you’ll still get the chance to learn on-campus with Lake Area Tech instructors on selected projects.

Will you be a successful online student?

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Earning a hybrid e-degree in Graphic Design & Digital Communications Specialist E-Degree is possible! Give us a call today or contact us online with any questions you might have.