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Story Becomes Catalyst For Pay It Forward Movement

Posted on: December 3, 2020   |   Category: News
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DECEMBER 3, 2020


WATERTOWN, SD – Sometimes, random acts of kindness can move mountains.  On November 27, a Watertown Public Opinion subscriber perused a front page story about three Lake Area Tech College students enrolled in healthcare programs and working the front lines in long-term care facilities to help pay for their education. The article noting “they show no halos, no feathered wings, and hear no heavenly sounds…” as they  take care of the elderly, fill the void for the family who can’t be with them, listen to life experiences, and comfort them in their loneliness during COVID-19 weighed heavily on the reader’s mind. That person was compelled to ensure the three students know they are deeply appreciated for being indispensable frontline workers and made the decision to assist with their tuition.  

Lake Area Tech College Foundation Executive Director Tracy Hlavacek explained that as the anonymous donor stepped forward to help with the students’ tuition, they extended a challenge to do the same to the donor’s friends, family and co-workers in an effort to show appreciation to all the Lake Area Tech healthcare students for the career they chose, especially during this difficult time.  And so, a quiet movement began and the Lake Area Tech College Heroes and Halos Scholarship Challenge commenced.  

“The $10,000 challenge match has been cast by the anonymous donor, and we only have a few short days to help these students,” Hlavacek said. “If we can accomplish this match, that will give us $20,000 for scholarships to change students’ lives next semester.  Some very lucky students enrolled at Lake Area Tech in the nursing, medical assisting, community healthcare worker and medical lab technician programs will receive scholarships for the 2021 spring semester, thanks to this group of generous donors.”

Anyone wishing to continue paying it forward to help future healthcare workers achieve their dream by donating to the Heroes and Halos Scholarship Challenge, should contact the Lake Area Tech College Foundation office at 605.882.5284 ext. 268.


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