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Shane Thorstenson – Alumni Profile

Posted on: August 31, 2017   |   Category: Alumni Spotlight

What year did you graduate? 2004

What program did you graduate from? Welding and Marketing/Management/Sales

Where are you currently employed? Trail King Industries

Why did you choose Lake Area Technical College? For the programs I was interested in and for the quality.

What was your favorite thing about Lake Area Technical College? How the instructors showed they cared and really put a personal touch on giving it their best to make sure you got the best!

What was the biggest lesson you learned at Lake Area Technical College? To think outside the box and go for your goals!

What made you want to continue your education? To only better myself and learn as much as I could while I was in school.

What advice would you give a current Lake Area Technical College student? Get involved and rub shoulders with any employers that come to visit your program! Learn from your instructors and have them show you the ropes early.

What makes you proud to be an Alumni of Lake Area Technical College? That I went through a couple great programs with great instructors.

What advice can you give to Lake Area Technical College students that will be entering the work force? Have a positive and work hard attitude. It will take you far and get to know people!