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Posted on: January 21, 2011   |   Category: News

JANUARY 21, 2011 WATERTOWN, SD….. According to Lake Area Technical College President Deb Shephard, LATI has achieved an all-time record for spring semester total enrollment. With 1383 students, the school has experienced a 6% enrollment increase compared to the previous spring semester.

Lake Area Technical College President Shephard comments, “This growth puts us right on track for over 1600 students enrolled for the year! Even though we anticipated starting fewer students this spring- because we did not allow new students to begin in our Energy Technology program – our enrollment continues to be very strong.”

Spring semester typically does not yield a large number of freshman since many of the programs do not allow for new students to begin this time of the year. Of the 27 programs offered on campus, only 12 programs started new students this semester. The decision not to start new students in the Energy Technology program was made because the program is currently at enrollment capacity.

Shephard continues, “We are always mindful that we need to continue to focus on our mission of training a quality, skilled work force. Our enrollment growth is excellent news for the employers eagerly awaiting these future graduates.”