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Brooks Jacobsen – Alumni Profile

Posted on: August 31, 2017   |   Category: Alumni Spotlight
Brooks Jacobsen Alumni Profile

What year did you graduate? 2006

What program did you graduate from? Robotics

Where are you currently employed? Lake Area Technical College

When was the last time you visited Campus? August 31st, 2017

Why did you choose Lake Area Technical College? I was working at a local manufacturing company doing manual labor on a 12 hr swing shift and decided I didn’t want to do that the rest of my life. My training in the military was very similar to robotics and I was good at my military career, so that is what I decided to choose. I visited a few different tech schools and decided on Lake Area Technical College because they had the best looking facilities and newest technology in the labs.

What was your favorite thing about Lake Area Technical College? The camaraderie with fellow students and instructors.

What was the biggest lesson you learned at Lake Area Technical College? Working together as a team you can accomplish anything!

What made you want to continue your education? I did not want to bag Splenda and Whey anymore.

What advice would you give a current Lake Area Technical College student? Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

What makes you proud to be an Alumni of Lake Area Technical College? BEST.COLLEGE.EVER

What advice can you give to Lake Area Technical College students that will be entering the work force? Stop doubting yourself, work hard and make it happen