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Brig Schilling – Alumni Profile

Posted on: November 27, 2023   |   Category: Alumni Spotlight
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Brig Schilling – Sioux Falls, SD

Diesel Technology, Class of 1995

Why did you choose to attend Lake Area Tech? A friend of mine went through the Diesel program and was very happy with the quality of education that he received. He said that the teachers were great and made some really close friends there.

Where are you employed today? Knife River Companies

When was the last time you visited campus? Monthly

What was your favorite thing about Lake Area Tech? The instructors really seemed to care and were personally invested in your education. They told their personal stories about their past careers and related very well with the students. They really held my interest and if we ever needed help, they were always there to help us learn.

What was the biggest lesson you learned at Lake Area Tech? To lead by example, to treat people with respect, and everyone starts somewhere.

What made you want to continue your education? I wanted to be able to provide for my family in a way that I thought I could only achieve by going through school. When I left for school, I told my Dad that someday I will be making $10 an hour. Which is why I moved to Sioux Falls. It was the only place in South Dakota that offered me $10 per hour after graduation.

What advice would you give a current Lake Area Tech student? Look at the big picture, the long game. What you think right now will be completely different in 5 years, 10 years, 30 years. Listen to the instructors and absorb as much as you can. Even if it is a topic you feel is not relevant now. It will be someday.

What makes you proud to be an Alumni of Lake Area Tech?  I graduated from Lake Area about 30 years ago. Lake Area’s progress in education, facilities, and faculty is amazing. Lake Area students come out very prepared for their next step.

What advice can you give to Lake Area Tech students that will be entering the workforce? Lake Area Tech is a great starting step in your career. You are on your way to a bright future. But, graduating cannot be the end of your educational journey. It is just the beginning. Never pass up an opportunity to learn. Be proud to wear the LATC logo. I know that I am.