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Diesel Ag/Industrial and Truck Options

During the first year expect to get active, hands-on training in basic diesel engines, small engines, truck/industrial gas engines, power trains, hydraulics, electrical systems, welding, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) shop management, and related computer skills. You will also be immersed in effective shop practices including safety, CPR/first responder and hazardous waste management.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can decide between the ag/industrial or truck option.

2nd Year Ag/Industrial Option If you choose to specialize in agricultural/industrial diesel, you will get training and experience in diesel engine overhaul, hydraulic system diagnostics, HVAC system diagnostics, tractor electrical system diagnostics, fuel injection systems, diesel engine tune up, GPS, and combination electrical/hydraulic systems.

Expect to diagnose and repair customer-owned equipment in our spacious diesel facility. You could be hired at a farm equipment dealership, an equipment repair shop, a construction company, a farm or industry maintenance shop—and more!

2nd Year Truck Option If you choose to pursue the heavy truck option, you will receive comprehensive training in the areas of diesel engine overhaul, diesel fuel systems, diesel engine tune-up and troubleshooting, truck electrical systems, electronic diesel engine controls, truck drive lines, air brake systems, suspension and steering, and preventative maintenance.

At Lake Area Tech, you learn by doing. Expect to spend most of your time doing repair on customer-owned trucks & tractors in our spacious diesel facility. You could be hired at a truck dealership, a farm equipment dealership, a heavy equipment shop, a construction company, a repair shop—and more!

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