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Diesel Technology

As a diesel technician, you will have a central place in the network that powers our country.

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  • Diesel-powered farm equipment covers 922 million acres of U.S. farm-land each year.
  • Diesel-powered trucks, trains and ships carry tons of grain and livestock to market.
  • Diesel-powered trucks ship almost all products to customers.
  • Diesel-powered construction equipment builds the roads and bridges we drive on.
  • Diesel-powered generators provide emergency power for hospitals and municipal utilities.

Lake Area Tech is the only technical college in South Dakota accredited by the Associated Equipment Dealers Foundation (AED). As a diesel technology student here, you can expect to be taught the latest in diesel tech from our highly qualified instructors. As you complete hands-on training in our diesel facility, you can feel confident there is a place for you. After all, America runs on diesel!

Light Duty Diesel Technology Option for Diesel grads

If you’re a soon-to-be Diesel Technology graduate, we’ve got great news for you! Lake Area Tech’s Automotive Technology program offers the Light Duty Diesel Technology option for Lake Area Tech Diesel Technology graduates.  This option expands on the skillsets graduates have gained in their program and offers an even higher level of workforce marketability. Upon completion of the Light Duty Diesel Technology option, students will be eligible to test for A2, A3, A4, A7, and A9 ASE Certifications in Automobile and Light Truck.

To view this option’s course outline, please scroll down and click on the Light Duty Diesel Certificate Option for Diesel Graduates course outline link.

Diesel Program Course Transfer Policy

Students transferring in courses from another accredited institution may receive credit for courses completed with a grade B or above. All transfer courses will be reviewed by the Diesel Department Supervisor.