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Community Healthcare Worker

Are you interested in a medical career that doesn’t follow a traditional route? Take note!

Lake Area Tech is now offering an exciting new Community Healthcare Worker program.  After completing the program, graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills to be employed in medical positions such as a community health adviser, social and human services assistant/specialist, community health advocate, eldercare advocate, addictions counselor assistant, and casework specialist.

Community healthcare workers are often responsible for the health of community members who may not be cared for by traditional medical institutions including culturally diverse populations and underserved community members. Community healthcare workers often provide some basic direct services as well, such as first aid and some health screenings.

Students enrolled in the new program will have these completion options:

  • Earn a Community Healthcare Worker A.A.S. degree after 18 months with an exit option to earn a diploma after 9 months
  • Diploma with certificate after 9 months
  • Online certificate offered each semester (16 credits)

During the coursework, students can expect to receive instruction in health care, pharmacology, anatomy, patient care, psychology, sociology, medical coding, diversity studies, office procedures, community services, and more.

Please note: This program has recently been approved, therefore, content and link information may be updated. For the most up-to-date information, please email Heidi Wirtjes, CHW program instructor, at