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LATI Students Earn mikeroweWORKS Foundation Tools Scholarships

Posted on: April 22, 2015   |   Category: News

Recipients of The mikeroweWORKS Foundation tool scholarships at Lake Area Technical College are (left photo) Colter Jones from Rapid City, SD; and (right photo) Tanner Boggs from Pringle, SD. Both are pictured with Lake Area Technical College ThinkBIG program instructor Corey Mushitz.

WATERTOWN, SD – Lake Area Technical College Caterpillar ThinkBIG students Colter Jones of Rapid City, SD, and Tanner Boggs of Pringle, SD, are each the recipients of a $1000 Tools Scholarship funded by The mikeroweWORKS Foundation and awarded in partnership with The AED Foundation, an affiliate of Associated Equipment Distributors (AED).  Jones and Boggs are enrolled in the Caterpillar ThinkBIG program and are sponsored by Butler Machinery.

Recipients of the scholarship are selected based on academic and skill performance in the Caterpillar ThinkBIG program.  Students who receive the scholarship must also be enrolled an AED-affiliated school. Boggs and Jones will graduate from Lake Area Technical College in May of 2015 with Associate of Applied Science degrees in Diesel Technology, with Caterpillar endorsements.  They have both been secured for employment by Butler Machinery, Boggs in Pierre and Jones in Rapid City.

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