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Basic Welding Course

This course will cover basic wire-feed and stick welding to include safety procedures, equipment familiarization, and machine settings. The course is designed for the beginner, or someone with limited welding experience. Total course length is 24 hours. This class must have minimum of 6 participants to be conducted and a maximum of 10.

Register at: https://www.lakeareatech.edu/connections/corporate-education/online-registration/

  • Dates and Times: Call the Corporate Ed office at 605-882-5284, ext 260 or email corped@lakeareatech.edu
  • Location: LATC Campus, MET Center Welding Lab Watertown, SD
  • Cost: $450 Prepayment required

Call 605-882-5284, Ext. 320 or 260 for more information.