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Posted on: March 19, 2021
  • Full Time
  • Geddes, SD
  • Applications have closed

Website Missouri River Lodge, LLC

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Cook/Server, Missouri River Lodge, LLC; Geddes, SD

The following position description includes requirements for the cook/server position. 

No single area of responsibility is more important than any other, as a deficiency in any area can instill a poor experience in the customer.

The duties listed are requirements of the position but are not all inclusive.  The cook/server needs to maintain attention to detail in all aspects of responsibilities.  The position is expected to look at the facilities from a customer perspective and take care of any and all items that need attention; including simply reporting routine and occasional maintenance.  Everyone needs to work together to create agreement and maintain consistency of the condition and location of items in the kitchen, pantry, dining, and bar areas.  


Food Preparation

Assist in preparing evening meal   

Main course will be predetermined

Side dishes are flexible and need to account for reusing leftover items and reducing waste

Set out dinnerware with napkins

Set up salad bar and any crock pots or warmers being used

Set out drinkware, ice water, milk, and condiments

Ensure that the meal is prepared at proper temperatures

Ensure that the meal is served at proper temperatures

Some meals are served more formally, while others require monitoring for customer assistance

Customer service – hospitality

Clear table of dishes and food

Put away all left-over food, with proper labeling of what the item is and when it was prepared

Food Restocking 

Communicate shopping list for items to be purchased

Food is typically purchased once per week

Restock items to designated areas in cupboards, pantry, refrigerator and freezers


Wash all dishes

Make sure that dishes are clean, sanitized in washer and not full of spots or haze

Dry and put away all dishes in an orderly manner

There are 2 sets of tableware that need to be separated to correct drawers and compartments

Glasses need to be restocked to bar area and dining cupboards; presentation matters

Preparation dishes should be returned to correct cupboard and stacked by shape and size

Wipe all surfaces in the kitchen, dining, and bar areas

Drawers need to occasionally be wiped out, and always when there is a spill

Fronts of cupboards and handles should be wiped with every meal

Appliances need to be occasionally wiped for crumbs, and always when there is a spill

Return to normal location

Floors should be spot cleaned, at a minimum, with each meal, including an area larger than the actual spot

Additional areas are expected to be cleaned with spills, monitoring for splatters

Refer to routine cleaning schedule for daily activities.

Transfer garbage to outside dumpster. 

Position reports to General Manager