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Wind Field Service Technician

Posted on: June 8, 2022
Wind Field Service Manager

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Traveling Mechanics

Position Location:    Lake Benton, MN at beginning & end of 3 week span but national traveling from this location.

Job Title:                Wind Field Service Technician (Mechanics of all types, machinists, wind techs & etc. all do well in this position)

Effective Date:        5-25-22


Definition:  Responsible for assisting the Lead Technician in accomplishing the required assignment of On-Site Service or Repair. 


Supervision Received:  Works under the direct supervision of the Lead Technician, named for each particular job.


Supervisory functions: None.


Equipment Used/Job location:  Works primarily in the field at job sites.  Equipment used includes phone, computer, calculator, climbing gear, safety equipment, radio, basic hand tools, rigging, electrical testing equip & etc. 


Essential functions of job –

·        Conduct all activities & work in a safe manner.  Safety is #1.  Wear all req. PPE at all times

·        Able to travel on short notice

·        Able to be gone for up to 3 weeks at a time

·        Travel to the jobsite with team member in company vehicle

·        Support the lead tech, eagerly accept & execute any instructions the lead tech to gives them, unless it is considered unsafe

·        Pay for your own meals and submit perdiem reports for $55 per day meal reimbursement

·        Submit daily time cards with detail via email

·        Submit safety tip forms weekly 

·        Consistently & immediately ask what is next if finished with the task at hand, and uncertain about the next task, to progress toward completing the job.  The lead tech is your boss on the jobsite

·        Keep an open mind and attempt to learn as much as possible in hopes of gaining enough experience to become a lead tech in the future

·        Maintain a professional image & demeanor in front of the customer and the general public

·        Stop & ask questions if you become stumped – do not guess at the best way to proceed

·        Keep equipment & rigs organized & clean


 Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities –

·        Must be able to socially, physically, and mentally perform all essential functions of the position in the working conditions prescribed.

·        Be an advocate of management’s procedures, policies, goals and vision for the company.

·        Demonstrate and maintain positive attitudes and effective relationships with all employees, general public & customers.

·        Be available to work as needed to complete the required work.

·        Must possess good communication skills both written and verbal.

·        Able to read, interpret & retain what you have read

·        Possess problem solving, reasoning, reasonable judgment, and analytical skills.

·        Ability to comply with appropriate task deadlines.

·        Ability to learn and retain job tasks.

·        Ability to type accurately, create, proofread, and edit documents

·        Work both independently and as a team member as required.

·        Knowledge of basic Microsoft office products, Excel, Word, Outlook.

·        Safety conscious in all aspects of the daily work


Physical demands

The following are basic physical requirement of the position.  Additional accommodations may be made to allow for individuals with a disability to perform the essential functions of the position.

·        Be able to hear and talk with proficiency to communicate with by phone or in person.

·        Have adequate vision to complete all required tasks of the job including viewing reports and computer screens.

·        Capable of climbing towers and safely working at heights exceeding 100 meters in a reasonable time frame, with an extra 35 lbs of clothing and safety equipment attached.

·        Able to lift 50 lbs from floor to overhead heights, multi times a day without injuring yourself

·        Able to lift from knee height and carry up to 100 lbs at waist height multi times a day without injuring yourself

·        Must weigh less than 280 lbs (for ladders & harness weight ratings).

·        Travel via car and air for long periods of time

·        Physically capable of manual labor for up to 12hrs per day 7 days per week & completing all work in a safe manner.  (no more than 80 hrs in a week though)

·        Able to work in extreme climates from -5F to +110F


Minimum Qualifications

·        High School Diploma & Basic mechanical knowledge

·        Possess a valid driver’s license with minimal law violations

·        At least 21 years of age, to be able to be insured by our company while operating company vehicles


Non-Discrimination Policy:

IPS is committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, or veteran status.

Any offer of employment is contingent upon the successful completion of a background investigation and drug screen.



We offer a very competitive wage with great advancement opportunities.  When working, a company vehicle and tooling are provided.  Meals and hotel expenses are covered by a per diem of $180 daily per person ($125 for hotel & $55 meals).  You are only eligible for the meal per diem on nights spent in a hotel that is an hour or more of away from your home office. You will get a meal perdiem while over an hour from the home office, & also on the day of return from the field to the home office if you have worked over 8 hrs on the day you return.  You will not be eligible for a per diem if you are working within 1 hour of the home office you are based out of (fairly rare).  You travel with others so you have the potential to room with others if wanted & pocket per diem cash and keep any extra funds (non-taxed)!  If you are working within 1 hr of Lake Benton, you will need to put the hotel on your company card as we have pre-negotiated rates with the local hotels.  If you are outside of the Lake Benton area, you are able to pay for rooms with a company card as another option, and get separate rooms, and simply receive the $55 meal perdiem, if you do not want to make money on the hotel perdiem portion when outside of an hour from the location you are based out of.  Whatever you do not spend on per diems is yours to keep.  When out on the road 60 – 70 hour weeks are standard, but hours worked are usually left to the discretion of the crew.  We have a max of 80 hrs per week for safety. 


3 weeks is the max duration you will be required to be out on the road at a time.  You will then be given a week off, before going out again.    If you want to keep going beyond 3 weeks sometimes there are options for this, but typically we give people a week to rest for the next run.  Our average starting wage range for a support tech is $61.0k – $69.4k with the OT we have historically avged. ($22 – $25 hourly with lots of OT at 1.5 times the rate). Also with the $55 a day meal perdiem, you are given approx $10k in additional money to eat from per year also, so first year total compensation is $71 – $79k.  Whatever you do not spend for the meal perdiem you keep tax free.  Wage is negotiable beyond the starting range depending upon experience & qualifications.  We offer excellent advancement opportunities (1 of 2 employees hired become crew leads in roughly 1 yr at a base wage of Approx $78k per year ($28 hrly + OT) so approx $88k annual compensation with meal perdiem.  To be a lead you will need to be self-motivated, have a good attitude, able to lead others, proficient in the repair process, and a proficient communicator.  Once lead status is obtained, the annual increases are $0.75 – $2 per hr., based on performance, per yr of service as a lead. 


You are required to be back to Lake Benton at 8 AM on Monday mornings the starting week of your 3 week run.  If you live beyond 1 hr from Lake Benton, you will be compensated the actual amount of travel, up to a max of 5 hrs to travel to the Lake Benton office, when required to show up there at the beginning of your run and actual, up to 5 hours on the return home.  If for any reason you are not at your assigned location at 8 AM on Mon the start of your shift, the up to 10 hrs of RT travel to & from Lake Benton will be waived for that run. You will need to provide their own transportation to and from the office & to & from the local hotel (both within 30 min) in the Lake Benton area.  If dispatched to a job, a company vehicle will be provided for any work-related travel out of the area.  We are looking for candidates to fill wind field service technician openings, that will travel to the customer’s equipment to complete wind turbine and factory generator and motor repair and testing. 


Our work consists of replacing bearings, grease, slip rings & grounding rings on wind generators & measuring critical dimensions, up tower winding repair, up tower machining, electrical lead cable replacements, and up tower winding repairs. Training is provided, but a mechanical back ground (auto, diesel, industrial, aviation, welding, electrical, electromechanical, machining & etc.) are strongly preferred & will likely give you the ability excel vs. those that do not & fill lead positions.  We subcontract to all the major turbine owners & operators & travel the entire nation.  Approximately 25% of the work is within 6 hours of Lake Benton, 25% within 6 hrs of Sweetwater and the remaining 50% is national traveling.


8 paid holidays annually & 3 weeks & 3 days of paid time off the 1st year and increasing with time, 4% – 401k match, medical & dental insurance.  See the nation and get paid for it!  If you are interested please list all mechanical work you have done in the past, even if on your personal vehicles in a response email. 

Apply at www.ips.us for the “Wind Field Service” in Lake Benton, MN

To apply for this job please visit workforcenow.adp.com.