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Family First Initiative

Governor Noem’s Family First Initiative focuses on meaningful and sustainable employment and further developing a family, work, and life balance. This balance, along with additional skills and education, will lead to family and workplace success. As part of Governor Noem’s initiative, Lake Area Tech will facilitate soft skills, computer, and financial literacy training in several communities over the next year. These courses will provide practical knowledge to participants, by building positive relationships and receiving guidance in a neutral learning environment. Classes are open to all individuals of all economic and educational background, while reaching individuals who may have barriers to employment or receiving public assistance.

Bring Your A Game

A Game

All Bring Your A Game to Work Classes have been Canceled.

Bring Your A Game to Work, is designed to instill foundational workplace behaviors and values in today’s workforce.

After completing the program, participants will understand the long-term benefits of work ethic, and setting a foundation for personal and professional success in the seven foundational workplace behaviors- Attitude, Attendance, Appearance, Ambition, Accountability, Acceptance, Appreciation.

Classes usually are a mix of first time employee’s entering the workforce, employees currently in the workforce, and individuals in job transition.

The first part of the class is an introduction into why the work ethic gap and breaks down participants personality types and  how those personalities work together.

We will then transition to the 7 “A’s”- Clarifying and Defining each one and speaking to how each participant can Commit to developing and carrying these values and behaviors forward in their personal and professional life.

Each “A” has a activity at the end of the topic that attendees will participate in as group or individual to reemphasize the topic covered.

We then wrap up the class with a capstone activity that connects the learning from each of the seven sections.

Google Applied Digital Skills


All Google Applied Digital Skills Classes have been Canceled.

In these classes, participants will practice basic digital skills using Google’s G Suite applications in the popular areas of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Hangout, and Drive. (See dates for class offerings).

By attending these courses participants will not only increase their digital literacy in these applications but will also have the personal option to take the G Suite certification exam at their leisure.

This resume-ready credential will show employers that you’ve mastered the G Suite content and are able to put the G Suite applications to use in the workplace!

Financial Literacy Class

Financial Literacy

All Forget Your Wallet Worries Classes have been Canceled.

Forget Your Wallet Worries dives into creating sustainable spending plans and decodes credit scores. The course will teach you maintainable money management tips to create the life you and your family want to achieve while incorporating values that are important in your household. Managing money is a learned skill. By attending Forget Your Wallet Worries, participants will be empowered as they learn how to create a spending plan, how to effectively pay down debts, and how to create a vital savings plan while including the entire family to make effective and informed money management decisions.