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Diversity and Inclusion Statement: Lake Area Technical College is committed to our core value of recognizing and respecting the dignity of each individual, regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability. Lake Area Technical College recognizes the value of diversity and inclusion and understands that social justice extends beyond attitudes and requires action to promote the creation of relationships within our campus community. Our college is committed to strengthening our institution by being diligent in our efforts to create a place for inclusion and acceptance of all.

Program and Services:

  • Diversity
    • Supports the recruitment, transition, retention, persistence and graduation of American Indian students.
    • Seeks to increase cross cultural engagement, encourages the appreciation of cultural and human differences, and advocates for the respectful inclusion of Indigenous knowledge.
    • Devoted to strengthening relationships with, and among, the students, staff, and faculty of Lake Area Tech, and the tribal nations of South Dakota.

Off Campus Resources:

Glacial Lakes Multicultural Center
653 West Kemp Ave, Watertown, SD 57201