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Student Mentor Program

Lake Area Technical College Mentoring Program

Students at Lake Area Technical College can smoothly transition into college life by participating in our Mentoring program.

Starting college can be an overwhelming time. From learning things like finding your way around, or where to go for help; to discovering ways to balance classwork, personal life, work and figuring out which student clubs or experiences to be a part of– it’s a big adjustment! It is a lot to learn, plan and figure out!

As a participant of the program, you tell us the areas in which you’re seeking support, and we pair you a qualified faculty or staff member who can offer guidance, direction and assistance. Whether it’s familiarizing yourself with the campus and community, discussing job opportunities or helping you prepare for a final project, your mentor will be there for you.

A Typical Session

Your one-on-one mentoring sessions are tailored to your individual needs. Each relationship develops in its own pattern. The subject matter discussed is only as casual or personal as you prefer it to be. The length and frequency of meetings is also decided upon between you and your mentor. There will also be group activities for you and your mentor to participate in throughout the year.

How to Participate

Participation in the program is voluntary and can begin at any time. To sign up, fill out the this from