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Lake Area Tech Lactation Rooms

In support of our students, employees, and campus guests who are nursing mothers, two lactation rooms are available on campus. The rooms offer a secure and private space for moms to pump and/or breastfeed. Lactation rooms are located in Room 431 in the Student Center (when not being used for meetings) and Room 915 in the MET (Manufacturing, Energy, and Transportation) Center.

Those in need must schedule with Faith Houghtaling in the Student Services front office. If it’s an immediate need, she’ll offer an available room. If a room needs to be reserved, she can complete that process. Faith can be reached in person in the front office, by calling 605-882-5284 ext. 201, or by email at Faith.Houghtaling@lakeareatech.edu.

The lactation rooms are available for both day and evening hours.

Lactation Room Specifics:

  • Space is available for one nursing mother.
  • A cooler is available in the room if needed.
  • A water fountain is located near the entrance to the lactation room.
  • Consumable items such as wipes, disposable bottles, and paper towels will be available.
  • If the lactation room is needed in the evening, ask Faith how to access the room after 5:00 p.m. when you initially request the room.
  • The room may only be used for its intended use.

If you have specific questions relating to breastfeeding, the certified lactation specialist at Prairie Lakes Hospital can be reached at 605-882-7000. There are also breastfeeding resource materials on the PLHS website at www.prairielakes.com.

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