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Computer Hardware & Software Requirements

This page provides information to aid incoming students and answer questions pertaining to the resources and computer equipment needed to efficiently complete an online course. As with any online interactive course that requires the use of a computer and internet resources, the most up to date software and equipment is highly recommended.

Hardware & Software Requirements (home computer or laptop)

Having a computer that is operating on the latest operating system, with an efficient processor, adequate memory and storage space will greatly benefit your online learning. A tablet or Chromebook will NOT work for your online classes. Many classes require their own specialized software. Please check the requirements for each individual class to ensure you have the correct software installed to complete the coursework. Additional information about purchasing a laptop through Lake Area Tech can be found here on our webpage.

Recommended Hardware:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 64bit
  • 2GHz 4core (or better) Processor
  • 8-16GB RAM
  • 256GB (or more) of storage space
  • Integrated Webcam


Many classes require their own specialized software.  Please check the requirements for each individual class to ensure you have the correct software installed to complete the coursework. See below for a list of common software most classes require:

Web Browsers
Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are highly recommended for your online classes. Other browsers will work, however you may experience limited functionality with software you will use for your online classes. See below for links to download your web browsers:

Microsoft Office

You will need to have Microsoft Office installed on your computer. We do not recommend Google Docs or Pages by Apple. You may have issues uploading assignments or your instructors may have issues opening the assignments if you submit them in a different format.  We do offer Microsoft Office 365 for free to any current students while you are taking classes at LATC. You will find information on how to install office on MyPortal under How To..

Additional Software

Internet Access

It is also very important to have an adequate internet connection to allow for more timely transmission of media content and file transfer ability. You will need a high-speed internet connection (Cable or Fiber) to receive the online materials needed to take this course. Dial up, DSL, or cellular hotspot connections may make it very difficult or impossible to attain some of the program content.

Email Address

You will be provided with an active LATC email account when enrolled in the course. This will be the account used for all class activity and correspondence. Instructions for use will be included with your packets. Check email online click here.

Technology Skills Requirements

It is the student’s responsibility to be technologically capable to take an online course. You should be computer literate and able to navigate the internet. You must have the knowledge to run Windows or Mac OS, use a web browser, copy, save, and manipulate files on your computer.

If there is a tech problem with our system, please contact the Help Desk here.

If there are technical problems with your computer or internet connection, we are unable to assist you. You may need to contact your internet provider for assistance.