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High Performance Engine Machining*

*Students interested in the transitioning High Performance Engine Machining program are encouraged to apply to our Precision Machining or Automotive Technology programs and explore careers in these exciting and diverse fields.

Imagine building, fixing, trouble-shooting and revving up a high performance engine! As a graduate from Lake Area Tech’s High Performance Engine Machining program, you will find job opportunities in many different settings including the automotive, diesel, and precision machining industries. There’s a growing demand for High Performance Engine Machinists, let us help you jump start your exciting new career!

Students entering our High Performance Engine Machining program will earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in HPEM after completing the entire 18-month curriculum. Lake Area Tech graduates with an existing AAS degree in Diesel, Auto, or Precision Machining can enroll in the 9-month HPEM diploma program to gain additional engine machining skills.

What can HPEM students expect?

  • You can count on a well-rounded education that includes both technical knowledge and hands-on skills. You’ll be trained in machining; precision measuring/grinding; turning/milling; and engine analysis/performance/repair.
  • At the end of your program, you’ll be able to identify and explain the operation of various engines, safely operate selected machines representing the high performance engine machining industry, and perform engine machining procedures to industry standards. Your training will include the highest level of safety and industry standards.