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Photography/Media Option

Make your vision happen. Offering a unique mix of photography and business training, this option will prepare you to start your own photography business or work in the artistic/visual communications field.

As a student of this 20-month option, you can expect active, project-based training in a broad range of photography types. You’ll get advanced training in photo editing and enhancement, learn how to effectively market/broadcast your work, and learn real-world application from visiting professional photographers. You will also complete an experience-building internship or final (capstone) project.

Please note: You will be required to purchase a professional quality camera. See Photography Tool List here.

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Application for the Photography/Media Option:

Acceptance into this option is limited. In addition to the Lake Area Tech application, you must submit the following for review through our online form:

What kind of career would you like to have after completing the program?  If not specifically owning a photography business, how would photography relate?  Full time or part time?

  1. What kind of cameras do you have experience with?  (Brand and type)
  2. Do you understand Aperture and how to set it on your camera?   1 – 5

For the following three questions, on a scale from 1 – 5 where 5 is very knowledgeable and 1 is no understanding, please rate:

  1. Do you understand Shutter speed and how to set it on your camera?  1 – 5
  2. Do you understand ISO setting on how to set it on your camera? 1- 5
  3. Submit 10 images of any previous photography or media you have produced. These are used to assess your skill level prior to attending.

These items are required prior to acceptance. You may submit the above completed package through our online form.

An acceptance committee will review complete applications before a final decision is made.