Application Process

If you are interested in the OTA program, we encourage you to start putting your application together now. Admission is limited to 26 students per year.

Applications are not processed until they are complete. A complete application contains:

  • A COMPLETED APPLICATION, along with a $25 application fee, an official high school transcript and/or GED certificate/ college transcripts.
  • TEST SCORES. ACT scores (if you have them), if not, schedule an appointment with the LATI Admissions Office (1-800-657-4344 or 605-882-5284) for the Accuplacer entrance test. These test scores are reviewed to determine reading comprehension aptitude.

In order to be considered in the application process, a student should have achieved one of the following scores:
• ACT Reading score of 18 or higher to be competitive
• Accuplacer Reading score of 83 or higher to be competitive

If you have not achieved one of these reading scores, you may still apply for the program. Achievement of these standards does not guarantee admission into the program.

There is no fee for the Accuplacer test. The Accuplacer is offered Monday through Friday, except holidays. Please call 605-882-5284 for test times or to schedule an appointment. Select Saturday appointments are available also. Check with the Admissions Office for those dates and for summer test dates.

  • WRITING SAMPLE and EXPERIENCE. Applicants should explain their current understanding of the OTA profession and experience with high need populations (including but not limited to (nursing facilities, children, homeless individuals, decreased mental or physical functioning individuals, people dealing with injury or disease). No observation is required for application to the program but experience with special needs populations definitely assist in creating a stronger application to the program for admission consideration. See the Admission Assessment Form for determining admission to OTA. We highly recommend that you watch the following video (and complete your own research!) before submitting your sample. Be sure to read over your responses as content and grammar/spelling will be judged for admission.


Introduction to the OTA program

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