Marketing & Management Option

Business Associate Marketing & Management Option E-Degree

How does an E-Degree work?

As an E-Degree student in Marketing & Management, you’ll take online courses through LATI’s eLearning system. Everything you need to complete your online coursework will only be a click away. This is a great option for people juggling job responsibilities and family obligations.

Why E-Degree?

LATI E-Degrees are “hybrid” – an innovative blend of distance and on-campus learning. With hybrid education, you get maximum time/location flexibility and the chance to work with LATI instructors on crucial, experience building projects.

How long will this E-Degree take?

Approximately 6 semesters of part-time enrollment.

About Marketing & Management:

As a student, you’ll dive straight into business training with our experienced faculty, and learn:

  • evaluation of customer needs
  • price determination
  • promotion/advertising
  • sales strategy
  • government regulations
  • …and much more!

The LATI Business Program is proud of our active, hands on approach to learning—and Marketing Management is no exception. You’ll complete a variety of real-world projects, visit businesses, and interact with various professionals who have made marketing and management their career. To boost your confidence (and your resume) we also require an internship experience.

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