Diesel Technology

As a diesel technician, you will have a central place in the network that powers our country.

  • Diesel-powered farm equipment covers 922 million acres of U.S. farm-land each year.
  • Diesel-powered trucks, trains and ships carry tons of grain and livestock to market.
  • Diesel-powered trucks ship almost all products to customers.
  • Diesel-powered construction equipment builds the roads and bridges we drive on.
  • Diesel-powered generators provide emergency power for hospitals and municipal utilities.

After evaluating our curriculum, equipment, and facilities, the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence granted the LATI Diesel Technology program Master Certification status. As a diesel technology student at LATI, you can expect to be taught the latest in diesel tech from our ASE certified instructors. As you complete hands-on training in our new diesel facility, you can feel confident there is a place for you. After all, America runs on diesel!

NEW! Light Duty Diesel Technology Option

If you’re a soon-to-be Automotive or Diesel Technology graduate, we’ve got great news for you! Lake Area Tech is now offering an exciting new option for LATI Automotive and Diesel Technology graduates.  This new option will expand on the skillsets graduates have gained in their respective programs and offer an even higher level of workforce marketability.

The new Light Duty Diesel Technology option provides two choices: a comprehensive summer program during which students can earn ASE certifications (upon successful completion) in Automobile and Light Truck (A1, A2, A3, A4, A7 & A8); or a third-year (9-month) option for enrolled students to earn the certifications plus an additional AAS degree! The Light Duty Diesel Tech third-year option offers the students comprehensive theory and hands-on skills to successfully master light-duty consumer truck and diesel engines. During the nine-month option, students will work with various manufacturers’ engines and learn how diesel power and performance is achieved. After completion, the graduate will earn an additional Associate of Applied Science degree.

Automotive or Diesel Tech grads who are interested in applying for either the summer session (certifications only) or the third-year option (AAS degree) must re-apply to Lake Area Tech. The re-application forms are available in the Student Center. (The re-application is not the same as the new student application process that is available online). To view either option’s course outline, please scroll down and click on the Light Duty Diesel Option course outline tabs. The summer session begins May 16.

Corporate Ed Option for Currently Employed Technicians

Technicians who are currently working in the automotive or diesel industry can also take advantage of our new option! Consider enrolling in our Light Duty Diesel Tech summer session option to earn certifications and expand your knowledge. To learn more or to apply for the new Light Duty Diesel Technology option, please contact Lake Area Tech Corporate Education Director Steve Hauck at 605-882-5284 ext. 260.

Diesel Program Course Transfer Policy

Students transferring in courses from another accredited institution may receive credit for courses completed with a grade B or above. All transfer courses will be reviewed by the Diesel Department Supervisor.

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