The Cosmetology Profession helps people look and feel their best. Our Cosmetology Department offers a team of talented instructors who train full time students of all ages. Our students are anxious to work in this exciting and rewarding industry. We believe education is an adventure and the learning experience needs to be progressive and fun!

Our Cosmetology program (1500 hours) will train you in hair, skin, and nail care. You’ll study the fundamentals of cosmetology and apply your knowledge in the Cosmetology Lab-a fully operational salon on the LATI campus. You will incorporate the latest techniques and technical talents while haircutting, coloring, shaping and designing hair. You will also apply cosmetics and perform manicures, pedicures, and facials.

All students are required to take three part state board exam administered by the South Dakota Cosmetology Commission after completion of the program.

Imagine a career that is rewarding and gratifying every day. You could work as a stylist, research technician, competition artist, manufacturer’s representative, salon owner or manager, school owner or instructor.

Certification: All students are required to take a board examination administered by the South Dakota Cosmetology Commission. Students in programs which customarily lead to professional licensure are responsible for determining whether or not this program or course meets requirements for licensure in the state in which the student resides or intends to reside upon graduation. We encourage you to contact the licensure agency noted above for additional information or the program faculty for assistance.

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