Programming Specialist Option

Programming Specialist Option

Think about it. All the software we currently use wouldn’t exist without the work of programming specialists. A programmer “writes” programs-or converts the design of a software program into a logical series of instructions that a computer can follow. Recently, programming specialists have also delved into software design and identifying user need.

As a student in our 18-month option, you will learn the latest techniques in software design, creation, and maintenance. Expect to become fluent in the most current programming languages and become familiar with a variety of databases.

“There’s a class for that!!!” As a programming student, you’ll branch out into the mobile world and create applications that run on all the major platforms.

In this option, you will learn by doing. Expect to spend around 80% of your time honing the skills of a programming specialist. To make sure you have the job experience you’ll need, we also require a 240 hour internship.

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