Swine Management Option

Agriculture Swine Management Option

To help meet the growing demands in the agriculture sector for workers with specialized skills, Lake Area Tech now offers an 18-month Swine Management Option in the Agriculture program. Students who enroll in the Swine Management Option will graduate with a strong background in Large Animal, with emphasis in swine specialty courses. On-the-job experience will be gained through two internships.

Graduates will find job opportunities in a wide variety of ag-related businesses including swine operations, feed supply companies, and animal health businesses – in addition to high-demand jobs on the ag-production industry. The swine option will also prepare students to return to work on their family operation.

In addition to the course objectives in our current Large Animal Option, the new option will offer objectives which include:

  • Identifying common swine breeds, characteristics and uses, husbandry practices and biosecurity standards.
  • Developing skills in swine nutrition, digestive anatomy, and ration management.
  • Obtaining knowledge of operational swine facility management, including development of business plans.
  • Providing training in safety, swine handling, and swine reproduction techniques.
  • Developing knowledge of swine anatomy, physiology, and disease management.


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