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Lake Area Tech: COVID-19 Response

Lake Area Technical College has developed this webpage to provide faculty, staff, students and families with information and resources concerning the coronavirus pandemic and our mitigation efforts. The situation regarding COVID-19 is fluid however, we will continue to provide updates regarding

Lake Area Tech in a timely manner. Lake Area Tech is working under the guidelines of the CDC, SD Department of Health, School District officials, and local safety & healthcare professionals.

What Can Students Expect at Lake Area Tech This Fall?

Watch our video that explains what students can expect at Lake Area Tech as they return to campus. 

Message to Students – October 16, 2020 – Stay Vigilant

Doing great — But Staying Vigilant

Lake Area Tech Students,

I am very proud of how you have been doing – 90% of you did not miss any on-campus classes due to COVID quarantine/isolation during this entire first half of the fall semester.  That only happens because each of you did your part to not expose others, both on and off campus.  So keep social distancing, masking when appropriate/required, washing your hands and sanitizing.

The first thing I want to ask you is to take care of each other.  College by itself is a stressful time.  When you add COVID on top of the upcoming winter season it only makes it more stressful.  Make sure you and your classmates are taking breaks, having some fun, and seeking professional help if you feel depressed or stressed out.  We have a great team of mental health professionals if you want to talk to someone.

As we see the number of cases in the community grow and the number of people hospitalized increase, I want to remind you that we need to remain vigilant in combatting COVID-19.  We have done well so far, but I have noticed some students not following the guidance.  One outbreak could affect a lot of people.  Remember, “Your Bubble, Your Job.”  It is your responsibility to socially distance, to wear your mask when required, and to follow all the safety guidance.

Social distancing (maintaining 6 feet) whenever you can is the most important step.  Wearing masks is required in common areas, whenever you may be closer than 6 feet to others,  and as directed by your instructors.  Masks are for the safety of others, not just you.  We need to protect our at-risk population.  We have several students and staff who are either at-risk, live with someone who is at-risk, or are caregivers for at-risk people.  Unfortunately, for some COVID is life-threatening.  Besides putting at-risk people needlessly in harm’s way, not following guidance may jeopardize your ability to finish the semester because we do not have sufficient staff available to cover if multiple faculty and key positions get COVID.

As winter sets in, so does cold and flu season.  The same guideline for protecting at-risk people from COVID help to protect them from influenza.  Let’s all do our part to keep everyone safe, to keep everyone in the shops and labs, and to all go home at Christmas with a full semester completed.

You are doing great – keep it up!



Previous Updates

Emergency Funds

Student Emergency Fund:

The Lake Area Technical College Foundation has put together a fund to help offset some of the difficulties students are facing because of the COVID-19 impact.

The Student Emergency Fund has been established to assist students during unforeseen financial emergencies because we know our students are at a greater risk of leaving the university during times of crisis. By providing students with the resources they need during this challenging time, you’ll help ensure they are able to stay committed to Lake Area Technical College and continue their education.

Helpful Links

Make Your Own Personal Mask Patterns:
The CDC recommends people at high risk and people in situations where social distancing may not be possible (grocery stores, etc.) wear masks in public settings. Here are a few how-to links for making your own (non-medical) mask:

Student and Staff Resources

News and Guidelines 

What You Can Do Now

We can all help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by practicing and encouraging the following:

  • Washing hands often with soap and water
  • Covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue
  • Cleaning frequently touched surfaces and objects
  • Getting plenty of rest, drinking fluids, eating healthy foods, and managing your stress can help you prevent getting COVID-19 and help you recover from it
  • If you develop symptoms:
    • Call your health care provider immediately and tell them about your recent travel or exposure
    • Avoid contact with other people
    • Follow the directions of your provider and public health officials
  • Monitoring the CDC travel website for recommendations and guidelines
  • View updated COVID-19 USA locations here from the CDC
  • View Governor Kristi Noem’s latest news releases at South Dakota State News
  • Resources for anxiety from COVID-19