Transfer Credits Information


Lake Area Technical Institute is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, the South Dakota Division of Workforce and Career Preparation and by numerous agencies governing the quality and accreditation of the many programs at Lake Area Tech.


All instructors have many years of successful practical experience in the job areas they teach, as well as having professional education and academic training. All instructors are certified by the South Dakota Division of Workforce and Career Preparation.

Satisfactory Progress

Students are expected to meet standards of progress as determined by general school policy and department policy. Each department sets its minimum standards based on industry requirements.


All departments have attendance requirements. Attendance is important to both the mastery of course skills and development of proper work habits.

Articulation with Universities

Lake Area Tech has had formal articulation agreements with several public and private universities in South Dakota for a number of years. There is currently system-wide articulation between the six state universities and the four technical institutes. Several general education courses can be transferred directly.

A student who needs information about transferability of specific courses should consult the registrar or the curriculum specialist, for the status of these courses can change.

The Lake Area Tech graduate can, of course, negotiate individually with many universities in this context. Lake Area Tech encourages students to explore this possibility if they decide to continue their education at a four-year institution.

Advanced Placement (AP) is available in Keyboarding classes. The programs which instruct keyboarding will do a placement test with students and register the student for the most appropriate course for the skill level demonstrated. The student will be granted credit for any keyboarding course he/she tests out of at no charge.

Prior Learning (PL) is granted in cases where a student may have work experience or other experiences where technical credit may be granted. This decision is made by the program department head. Certain types of verification may be requested.

Transfer Credit from High School

Tech Prep credit may be granted to students who graduated from high schools with articulation agreements with LATI. This option and the conditions that apply are explained in the registration information that each student receives prior to attending LATI.


LATI will transfer one to two credits in computers for students who have taken high school computer classes and graduated from high school within the last three years under the following conditions:

  • The student must have taken the mandatory one semester computer course required for graduation plus at least one more semester computer course (excluding keyboarding).
  • The student must have a grade of "B" or better in these classes.


LATI will transfer two credits of Accounting for students who have taken two or more semesters of high school accounting or bookkeeping and graduated from high school within the last three years. The student must have earned a minimum grade of a "B" or better in these courses. LATI programs requiring Accounting have a three credit course in place. Students will be registered for that course but pay for only one credit or the student may elect to test out, as described below.

Test Outs Exist For These Courses:

ACCT 210 Principles of Accounting I - Students who have had two or more semesters of Accounting on the high school level and who received a grade of B or better may elect to try the Accounting I test out. The test consists of an accounting simulation and takes approximately five hours (this may be completed over several days).There is a fee of $20.00 per credit to take the test. A minimum score of 80% is needed to pass. Should the test out be successful, the student does not pay for ACCT 210 and their transcript will reflect the credit earned.

CSC 100 Introduction to Computers - Several LATI programs require a one credit computer course. An opportunity to test out of this course is available.

Math - Students may request to test out of any general math course. The test must be done during the first week of the semester. A fee of $20.00 per credit is required for the test.

Transfer of Previously Earned College Credits to Lake Area Tech

Any credits being transferred to Lake Area Tech must meet the following criteria:

  • An official transcript must be submitted from an accredited post-secondary institution. This will be kept in the student's official file at Lake Area Tech.
  • Credits must have a grade of C or above to be considered for transfer. When a course has been repeated for credit, the last grade earned will be evaluated for transfer.
  • Grades for transfer will be recorded on the Lake Area Tech transcript with a TR notation.  Transferred grades are not calculated in Lake Area's grade point average.
  • There is no charge to transfer credits for presently enrolled full-time students.
  • Transfer credits are not eligible for financial aid.
  • The minimum unit to be transferred is one-half credit. Courses accepted in transfer from institutions with different credit and/or grading systems than Lake Area Tech's will be converted.

Transfer of General Education College Credits

In addition to the preceding criteria, the following policies apply:

  • No age restrictions are placed on the life of the general education credit to be transferred. The course to be transferred must be applicable to the student's degree program at Lake Area Tech. Credit will not be given for duplication of courses.
  • General education credits fulfilling the Associate of Applied Science degree requirements must be approved by the Registrar.

Transfer of Technical Studies College Credits

In addition to the preceding criteria, the following policies apply:

  • Technical studies credits fulfilling the Associate of Applied Science degree or diploma requirements must substantially match Lake Area Tech's curriculum.
  • The decision to accept specific technical credits will be made at the program level.
  • Time limit accepting transfer technical credit will be seven (7) years. Credits earned more than seven (7) years ago must be verified and approved at the Lake Area Tech department level.
  • A minimum of one-third of the technical credits must be from Lake Area Tech in order to be granted a diploma or degree.

Process for Transferring Diploma Credits to A.A.S. Degree

Lake Area Tech graduates who have previously received a diploma and desire to receive an A.A.S. degree will be subject to the following conditions:

  • All technical credits must have been earned within the past seven (7) years by time of completion. Credits older than seven (7) years will be verified at the department level. The verification process may include documentation by current employer or previous employer.
  • Any general education credits transferred in must meet the transfer requirements of Lake Area Tech.
  • Technical education courses must meet the requirements of the current program.
  • Transferring credits for enrolled students is subject to current policy.
  • Non-enrolled students will be charged $10.00/course for transferring credits.

Student Records

Student records include the following information:

  • LATI transcript (on file permanently)
  • Application (on file seven (7) years)
  • High school/college transcripts (on file seven (7) years)
  • Correspondence (on file seven (7) years)
  • Enrollment card (on file permanently)

Any student objecting to information being released by Lake Area Technical Institute may block such release by notifying the Registrar's Office.

All student's records are the property of Lake Area Tech. Upon written request from the student, a copy of the student's admission test results and high school transcript will be provided to a student.

Graduation Cohort Rate

In 2010-2011, the completion or graduation rate for students who entered Lake Area Technical Institute on a full-time basis was 73.5%. This figure includes students who received a degree or diploma at Lake Area Technical Institute, and students who transferred to higher level programs.