Workforce Training

Boiler Training

Boiler operators and technicians are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the boiler systems. Operators must have a good understanding of how boilers and all related equipment function, in order to maximize plant safety and energy savings. LATI offers boiler training to individuals that work with boiler systems. The instructor has more 32 years of experience in the maintenance and operation of large electric utility steam boilers and accessories. He holds a Chief Grade A Minnesota Stationary Steam Engineering License and is a member and past chairman of the Western Utility Training Board, an organization dedicated to training and qualifying boiler operators. Classes are held in October, November, and December in Watertown, Aberdeen, Huron, and Mitchell. Dates and times to be determined.

Basic Welding

This course covers basic wire-feed and stick welding and includes safety procedures, equipment familiarization, and machine settings. The course is designed for the beginner, or someone with limited welding experience. Total course length is 24 hours and is held on LATI’s campus in the welding lab located in the Manufacturing, Energy & Transportation (MET) building. Class is limited to 10 individuals. See brochure for additional information.

Forklift Certification/Re-Certifications

It is an OSHA mandate that employees must be trained and certified prior to operating power industrial trucks (forklifts). Operators are also required to be evaluated and certified on the particular industrial truck they utilize. Certifications expire after three years obligating operators to re-certify. LATI offers both certifications and re-certifications, and can conduct the training at your location. Call for more information.