Special Status Registration for CNA Students

Students may enroll in certain courses at Lake Area Technical Institute without applying for admission to a program. Special status students are not eligible for financial aid and must re-register at the beginning of each enrollment period for their status to remain active.

Students who wish to receive financial aid must be accepted for admission, working towards the completion of a program, and enrolled in a minimum of six credits for the fall and spring semester. A minimum of 4 credits is required for the summer term.

Insufficient enrollment may result in a class being canceled. If the class is canceled, you will be notified and any tuition/fees you have paid for the class refunded to you. If you are not notified, the class will be held. Report to the room indicated on the schedule at the time scheduled. The instructor will have your name on the roster. Books are purchased the first class session or during regular business hours at the bookstore.

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Demographic Information

The following information is regarded as voluntary. The statical data helps us maintain accurate records and provide accurate demographic information to various funding and governmental entities.

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