Student For A Day

Twenty-Seven community members were invited to participate in the 10th annual Student for a Day program at Lake Area Tech on Tuesday, January 28th, 2014.

The program has been designed to broaden the understanding of technical education and to increase public awareness of Lake Area Tech in recognition of National Technical Education Month.

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(From Left) Front Row: Trisha Rieffenberger, Abby Keyes, Ralph Nelson, Brian Harms and Kelsey Raml.Second Row: Heather Pearson, Kris Rigdon, Donna Howard, Brandon Herr and Kari Ness.Third Row: Stephanie Devine, Justine DeVille, Dan Gabriel, Scott Niedert and Bruce Lear. Fourth Row: Jason Meester, Vic Brownell, CJ Beving, Jennifer Jensen and Jordan Wollschlager.Fifth Row: Jeff Bendix, Kelly MeliusBack Row: Rod DeJong, Tom Batta, Roger Whittle and Jay Boomsma.

Each “student” was enrolled in a program of study at Lake Area Tech. They accompanied a LATI Student Ambassador during a typical day at Lake Area Tech, attending lectures, labs and participating in hands-on training. The day also included a tour of the campus, general information session and a luncheon.

A sincere “Thanks” to each of these people for their willingness to participate in this program.


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